Wednesday, June 29, 2011

summer vacation

means mom is on the go. Drew and I have been having fun so far this summer. We are only 2 weeks in and have managed to keep busy and I have not heard the words all moms dread in the summer. You know the ones I am talking about so I won't jinx it by saying them here.

We painted pottery, went camping, and yesterday we saw CARS2. Today we are hitting my knitting group. He gets soup so he is happy. Starting tomorrow I will be working the church firework booth in the AM. I have to find time to hit the gym. I already miss not going. Drew loves going so that helps the motivation. We had a freak rain storm yesterday and it was cold. It should be warmer tomorrow so maybe after an appt in the afternoon we can go.

I have still been couponing. The one thing I have found is all the bloggers of couponing post the same things. Not that it is bad because sometimes I miss what one posts and pick it up somewhere else. I ordered a coupon binder/organizer yesterday. I am hopeful this gets this stack of paper off my desk and in some semblece of order.

OOOHHH I won another contest. Remember these? yes they are still around. It should make for a fun afternoon this summer with Drew - don't you think?

I am trying to find some half pint mason jars cheap. I found a way to send phil and betsy cupcakes. But I don't want to spend a fortune on getting the jars because shipping the goodies to phil and betsy will be bad enough. I found a recipe for oreo cookie cupcakes. I can't put my hands on the recipe right now but the looked so yummy. Wonder if this could be a business venture - shipping cupcakes??? Probably too expensive. Oh well,.

till next time - Faith Trust Pixie dust.

Monday, June 27, 2011

back in action

We are back from a wonderful weekend camping trip. It was a wonderful way to spend my birthday. It was relaxing. If you had told me years ago that I would be happy spending my birthday camping with a bunch of scouts and sharing an ice cream sundae with my husband I would have thought you were crazy and told you so. But you would have been right.

I am way behind on stuff now. I haven't even opened yesterday's paper for coupons. I have lots of scout stuff to get done this week. Did i ever mention I took on the daunting job of Advancement Chair for our Scout pack? Not a simple job. Can't believe all the paper work. I am sure in a month or two it will be easier.

Here are a couple deals for you. Living Social has a deal where you can buy a 10.00 voucher and recieve 20.00 of name brand cleaning products from If you spend 25.00 you will get free shipping. I know I can always use another container of Tide. It is only a 24 hour deal so grab it now

Also, McDonalds has a great promotion right now. BOGO on their summer drinks., Frappes, frozen lemonades and smoothies.

That is my weekend in a nutshell.

Faith Trust and Pixie dust.

Monday, June 20, 2011

not sure which is worse

I came upon this link and had to share.

First we wonder why the nation is so over weight but I am trying to figure out which is worse Fried Kool Aid or Fried Jalapeno with Baby Ruth in the middle. Then there is fried butter- waiting for someone to explain that one.

playing catch up.

I am hoping things are back to normal around here - what ever normal is. I can't beleive being busy from 4-830 every night last week put me so far behind. I have a list of phone calls to return. I found time to contact the insurance agent to change some coverage and sent off graduation presents to two very special young ladies. What did I do before Amazon when it came to ordering presents?

We had a great weekend -did the shopping and worked on getting the van up and running. I will be glad when that process is finished.

Today's CVS run: Had coupons for Shick Quatro Razors - 2.00 off (and 4.00 back in ECB)as well as 5.99 Extra Care Bucks (ECB) from my Zyrtec purchase last week. I bought 3 packages for razor blades and also bought 2 tubes of Hawaian Tropic SPF45 lip balm. CVS had a deal where buy any 2 HT items and get 10.00 in ECB back if you bought 2. the lip balm was 2.99 each. So I spent 24.00 saved 10.00 at the register and also got back 14.00 in ECB. Not bad for a days shopping.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Camp is over

YIPPPPEEEE SKIPEEEEEE! Done with Twilight camp for another year. It isn't a horrible experience it is just HOT and the boys get cranky because they are hot and tired. I have found the best way to keep their spirits up is to eat snacks. They do bring snack dinner but in between events we would pull out licorice, fruit snacks, oreos etc. The boys never knew what was coming out of Cathy's magic bag next. The excitement of the mystery also helped. But herding 8 boys in a sea of 300 boys is like herding cats thru kittens. Nearly impossible because every time we think we are on the move to an activity invarialby one kid has to go to the bath room - which means 2 kids have to go because they have to use the buddy system. Then another will see a friend from school in a different den and HAVE to go talk to him (worse than girls) Then another wants to go fill a water bottle so off go another 2 and by this time we have 2-3 boys left and they are bored waiting so we start hearing "NOT IT" over and over as they start to run the quad to play tag. Quite the experience.

But at least now that camp is over things can get back to normal. Did I say that? Drew gets out of School on Tuesday so there goes MY normal until August 16. I don't know how many mom's I talked to at camp who were acting as leaders talking about the state of affairs in their homes. Telling their husbands it will get back to normal once this week is over. We go to camp from 430-830. You would think that would leave plenty of time to get things done. For some reason nothing gets done. I was glad to hear I was not the only one with an island full of stuff that had not been put in its place in several days. that the news papers stacking up inside the front door looked like they had been on vacation for 10 days. Desks were covered with mail and bills waiting for a moment of the mom's time so the cable didn't get cut off. For some reason Comcast doesn't take " But I was herding cats at Twilight camp" as an excuse for not paying the bill on time. The towels were stacked by the washer but they hadn't been kind enough to jump in and wash themselves. The nerve of the towels.

BUT in the midst of all this chaos I did manage to SCORE a great deal at CVS yesterday. I thinkk CVS is becoming my favorite store for couping.

I think CVS must have tiers of shoppers and the higher teirs get more and better coupons. I got one in my email on Thursday for 30% my entire purchase. We needed a new Igloo cooler. I went and found one for 50.00. I had 2 4.00 off a 20.00 purchase as well as my 30% off so my cooler ended up being about 24.00. I also used a zyrtec coupon that was buy a 5 count for 5.99 and get CVS ECC for 5.99 in addition I had a 5.00 off coupon so my zyrtec was 5.99 less5.00 so I paid .99 but then they gave me a coupon for 5.99 a future purchase. You do the math!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rango Movie Code

I just found this code - haven't seen it anywhere else yet.

IF you preorder Rango off of Amazon and use code: RANGO5GO you will get 5.00 the movie making it 11.99

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


First let me say this couponing thing is addictive. If I am going out for something specific I check all sorts of sites on line to see if there are any coupons or discounts available. I was told once I started it would kill me to pay full price for anything ever again. I understand that statement now.

Today I actually made a trip to CVS. They had a one day coupon for 0.99 for a 12 pack of Pepsi product. I firmly believe that you can never have enough soda on hand for an impromptu party or taking to a party. So I grabbed that. I also had a coupon for .75 off of TICTACS. CVS had them buy 2 get one for a penny, Drew loves them so I thought he would like a treat. I also found today a coupon for CVS specific for a New Hershey Aerated chocolate bar for free. I spend 3.09 and got 3 large tictac mint boxes, a 12 pack of pepsi and a candy bar. California adds a tax for the cans so it was 2.43 before the CVR tax. Works for me.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

new sites

As I have been finding new fun sites I have been putting their links on the right. I have to say these are 2 of my favorites. Krazy Coupon Lady has great ways of saving money via couponing and other links.

A to Zebra Celebrations have fantastic giveaways. today I won a life time membership to a new site called FOJOMOJO. Great place to store pictures and make and print cards or send them email.

Also check out Saving Star. Their site is a little different. You load the coupons on to your loyalty card - in my case CVS. when you go in and purchase those items it doesn't get deducted like a regular coupon. It goes in to a cash account that you can choose to cash out to your paypal or checking account I am saving mine - might buy a christmas present or 2. At CVS today I earned 5.00

Today I went to CVS and using the information the the internet and my coupons I total before coupons was 67.00 I spent 32.00 not including get 8.00 Extra Reward bucks and the 5.00 that went into my SS account. Sorry Charlie Sheen but I am the WINNER this time.

Monday, June 13, 2011

todays frugal

In my quest for frugalness, a website I follow had this offer up today. So I got to send my dad a Father's day card for free and it will be there on time - shock of all shocks. I am sure it will shock my dad. USE THE CODE FREECARD at checkout and they will mail your card for free. You can even add a picture of yourself so if you life far a way like in my case your father can remember what you look like.

Drew and I do have to have a little talk. I came down to my desk this morning and discovered one of my coupons ripped in half and Drew had written a Lego wish list on the back. There is plenty of scrap paper in this house. Mom's coupons are OFF limits.

I have to go back to Bed Bath and Beyond. I forgot my coupon this past weekend for 20% off and they told me if I brought it in they would credit me back. AWESOME!!! I also found out that even if the BBB coupons says expired they will still allow you to use it. That may come in handy during the holidays

And speaking of Holidays - It is official Betsy and Phil are coming in Christmas afternoon and will be here for 11 days. Still trying to figure out the logistics of it all present wise but it will work out. We are having an open house while they are here. I am excited about that. Plus we will go to San Fran for a day and take the jumbo tour of the Jelly Belly Factory. Phil wants to eat at OZ and Squeeze Inn as well as In and Out.

Busy week ahead last full week of school, scout camp every night, plus our normal weekly things. Best get at it.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


My word for the second half of the year is FRUGAL. I am making a game of clipping coupons and now seeing how much I can save. I will only be going to4 stores. I don't think you save money if you drive all over and spend as much in gas as you save. I am choosing CVS, Bel Air, Target and Henry's. We are also going to start getting our veggies from the farmer's market. I actually pass all the stores (except the farmer market) almost everyday on my way somewhere so I don't think it will be wasting gas because they are on my direct route. I figure if I make it a game to save money then it won't be so hard and I will think twice or three times before I buy something. I am using Krazy Koupon Lady and Penny Pinching Mom to help me understand the finer points of couponing. I even found out that our local paper if you are a subscriber to the Sunday paper will deliver last Sunday paper for free so I will get 2 copies for the price of one The SacBee has a special going right now where I can get the Sunday only for 20.00 a year.

We have lived in this house almost 3 years now and I have yet to put much on the walls. Drives my Mother in Law nuts. So I am looking for some great ideas. I joined Pintrest to get ideas.

I have really gotten hooked on blogs lately that have cool (easy) crafty things. Like this one, isn't this the neatest idea? Scott would probably have a fit if I did something like this but oh well.I want to do lids for several events so they will be useable more often.

So if you want come on my journey to learn how to be frugal and not pay full price for anything. It should be an adventure. Who knows I may put all my savings in a special account to pay for a trip to Disney since I can't seem to win one.

Friday, June 10, 2011

give aways

Did you know about all the amazing contests on people's blogs? I wish I was good enough to be able to have give aways and go to places like BlogHer. But I don't have enough readership and I don't know how to build it so that I can become more successful.

I have been entering give aways on Blogs for a while. And on Facebook. I have actually won a few things.

One of my favorite sites Jasmere has a daily give away via facebook. I won some great note cards from that give away.

My fave fiber site Phatfiber has a give away almost every day. I have been very fortunate to win several of those give aways.

I also won a 250.00 gift card to Toys R Us just in time for Drew's birthday this year. I had forgotten I had even entered that and was shocked when the gift card showed up. I had to go back and research what it was I entered.

There are some amazing give a ways out there and it takes a minute to enter so I figure why not. It is nice to win and get something other than bills in the mail. I will post give a ways as I find them. If only I could win a trip to Disney give a way.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

making a come back

When I lived in Kansas I had a little side business. Some may remember Cups of Chocolate. I really enjoyed it. It was lots of work but worth the effort. Scott and I have been talking and I am seriously thinking about bringing Cups back to life. Looking at what is on the internet I was a trail blazer all those years ago. Bite size treats are all the rage now. I can start locally. Already have a bit of interest from a friend.

I have also learned about the power of networking via internet and blogs. So I am working that aspect of it.

Just have to get supplies again and start mixing.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

for the love of chocolate *update6/10/11

DEAR GOD I am in heaven. I love give aways and have i got one for you. Actually it is about fair trade but it is also chocolate. Someone's Gotta Pay has been doing some wonderful give aways.

There have been 3 so far.

1 - Coco zen it is one of my favorite fair trade chocolate companies. There truffles are to DIE for

2 - pranagourmet - If you win you have to promise to share the box (with me of course)

3 - cupcakes - I am a sucker for cupcakes and I think I could get addicted to these.

4 - spa items - I bet these work as good as they smell

5 - truffles - I want those chocolate chip cookie dough truffles so badly. yum

Make sure you enter for each give away - even if it means i can't win. Just remember my finders fee. Good luck.

I will add to the list as they add more give aways. All entries must be in by June 14. And remember if you win you owe me a finders fee!!!!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

new family member

a few months ago we lost an important part of our nuclear family. Doris the hamster died. Proper burial ensued. Drew within 10 minutes wanted know when we would be getting a lizard. He had been asking for a while that if when Doris died if he could have a lizard. I am not sure where he picked up the name Doris but it bothered me that he named his hamster after my favorite great aunt. But I digress

Scott had an all day meeting today. And seeing as how last year when Scott was at this same meeting we became the proud owners of Skippy, it seemed fitting that the lizard joined us today.

The weather here has been horrible. It is usually in the upper 80's and we are all in shorts and t shirts. I still haven't put my sweaters away this year. We haven't even set up the pool yet and the season is starting to get short. Today it rained all day and maybe made it up to the mid 50's.

Tomorrow will be the same. Scott has to be in Davis to work a State Championship bike race. I went out today and bought him a golf umbrella to help keep him semi dry. I got the biggest hand held umbrella I could find. it is 68" across. Drew and I will be staying home and dry, cuddled in my bed wathcing movies and eating whatever junk food we may have in the house and that isn 't much. Scott will have the car so we can't even go get goodies.

Back to our new family member. So this morning drew and went on our search for a bearded dragon. Not my choice but in my research it would be a good first lizard. I got to talking to the nice young lady named Stephanie about what we were doing. She could see that I had reservations about the bearded dragon. She showed Andrew a leopard gecko and he loved it. We bought all the stuff and took it home and got the tank set up. We had to run a couple errands after that then back to the pet store to obtain our new friend, and crickets, and meal worms. I will be obtaining crickets every couple days for the next few years from what I now understand. The meal worms live in hibernation in the fridge - I only have to get hem once a week because they are sold in bulk of 50.

We are now the proud owners of CAMO the leopard gecko. Drew and Scott wanted to name it Phil but I nixed that one. Feeding it crickets isn't as bad as I expected. I just open the plastic bad and dump. I can do that.

On the way home from this adventure I told Drew I needed to rest because it had been sucha busy morning and I was getting tired. He told me "well I guess that can be your reward for being such a good little mommy today." GEE THANKS

Friday, June 03, 2011

adoption and other stuff

It has been an interesting week around here. Drew and I have some real heart to hearts. We are seeing more normal 9 year old mischief. YIPEEE!!!! He tried to juggle - with rocks and broke a porch light. He is riding is bike without training wheels and is starting to build ramps to jump off of. Yesterday is my favorite. He put on is army camo jacket and hat, took brown acrylic paint and painted his face and climbed a tree to see how well camo techniques really worked. They did. I was so busy trying to get dried acrylic paint off his face I forgot to get a picture. his therapist is wanting us to attempt to put him a regular class room next year for 2 hours a day 2 days a week. That is HUGE!!!! He is about to graduate from OT. He is trying new foods on a daily basis. Another HUGE!!!!!

We were driving to therapy the other day and he started asking about the difference between birth mom and mom. I explained that a birth mom is just that someone who gives birth to you BUT a mom is the one who takes care of you, stays up with you when you are sick, goes camping - even when camping is not her favorite thing, buys pet lizards and feeds them crickets even tho she hates both, cooks, cleans, reads, hugs, does homework, kisses scraped knees, puts up with Disney channel, and a million other things. He seemed to grasp that. we talked a little more about what I do as a mom. several times during the conversation I reiterated that his Birthmom did love him because she chose to give him to us because she knew she couldn't do all the things that we do. He said I know A***** loved me but it still hurts.....

WOW. I assured him that he is not alone in that. I told him it was OK to have those feelings. Many adopted people feel some hurt. It may not go away but how he chooses to deal with it is key. I can see how far his thought process on the adoption issue has come in a short time. All we can do is be as open and honest as we can be. That will get harder with time.