Saturday, June 04, 2011

new family member

a few months ago we lost an important part of our nuclear family. Doris the hamster died. Proper burial ensued. Drew within 10 minutes wanted know when we would be getting a lizard. He had been asking for a while that if when Doris died if he could have a lizard. I am not sure where he picked up the name Doris but it bothered me that he named his hamster after my favorite great aunt. But I digress

Scott had an all day meeting today. And seeing as how last year when Scott was at this same meeting we became the proud owners of Skippy, it seemed fitting that the lizard joined us today.

The weather here has been horrible. It is usually in the upper 80's and we are all in shorts and t shirts. I still haven't put my sweaters away this year. We haven't even set up the pool yet and the season is starting to get short. Today it rained all day and maybe made it up to the mid 50's.

Tomorrow will be the same. Scott has to be in Davis to work a State Championship bike race. I went out today and bought him a golf umbrella to help keep him semi dry. I got the biggest hand held umbrella I could find. it is 68" across. Drew and I will be staying home and dry, cuddled in my bed wathcing movies and eating whatever junk food we may have in the house and that isn 't much. Scott will have the car so we can't even go get goodies.

Back to our new family member. So this morning drew and went on our search for a bearded dragon. Not my choice but in my research it would be a good first lizard. I got to talking to the nice young lady named Stephanie about what we were doing. She could see that I had reservations about the bearded dragon. She showed Andrew a leopard gecko and he loved it. We bought all the stuff and took it home and got the tank set up. We had to run a couple errands after that then back to the pet store to obtain our new friend, and crickets, and meal worms. I will be obtaining crickets every couple days for the next few years from what I now understand. The meal worms live in hibernation in the fridge - I only have to get hem once a week because they are sold in bulk of 50.

We are now the proud owners of CAMO the leopard gecko. Drew and Scott wanted to name it Phil but I nixed that one. Feeding it crickets isn't as bad as I expected. I just open the plastic bad and dump. I can do that.

On the way home from this adventure I told Drew I needed to rest because it had been sucha busy morning and I was getting tired. He told me "well I guess that can be your reward for being such a good little mommy today." GEE THANKS

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