Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rooster day

For as long as I can remember Drew has referred to Thanksgiving as Rooster Day. Not sure why but he has. Yesterday I told him that MEEMA (Scott's mom) would be here on Saturday. He was so excited that she would be here for Rooster Day. I explained to him that she was leaving on Rooster Day before lunch. He was very upset. I told him we would to a Thanksgiving dinner on Wed. I mentioned to ML Drew was disappointed she would not be here to celebrate Thanksgiving. She went online and changed her reservation to say an extra 3 days!!!!! We only get to see here twice a year so we are all thankful for the extra time.

I am so excited she is coming. Sunday we are going to brave the rain and cold to watch Scott race. At least it is at a winery who will be having a wine tasting and pizza to get us through. Not sure what else we are doing. She has offered to help pack but I would rather just spend time with her.