Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Two friends of mine started selling Wildtree products. I tried them and was very intrigued. I started researching them and found this was a company I could truly get behind and support. All of their food products are natural, no preservative, no dyes, no additives, no MSG. I can read EVERYTHING on the label. Scott and I have been working on eating healthier and we find when Drew doesn't have additives, dyes and wheat his behavior improves.

Wildtree is cutting edge and SO appealing! Here is the July Customer special. If you have allergies or kids with food allergies this might appeal to you. Coming in August there will be Certified Gluten Free products as well.

The company was started by a Pharmacist whose kids had food allergies and related issues. She couldn't find foods that were free of the harmful additives her kids couldn't eat so she started (with the help of her parents) experimenting. Soon her neighbors were asking for her goodies and she and her mom started taking them to local farmer's markets and trade shows. It caught on and had a great following. It is now the 4th fastest growing Direct sales company in the country. It is unfortunately a well kept secret that more people need to know about.

They also have a wonderful program called the Culinary Club:

A Culinary Club Member receives a 20% discount off every product they purchase online through. The cost is only $25.00 to sign up. you can go through my link to sign up for culinary club or to read more about the wonderful foods.

This month they are having a great special for anyone who wants to become a rep. 49.50 for the starter kit. that is half off. It is 285.00 worth of products and starter items. Try it and if it isnt' for you then you are out nothing and you get to eat your way through the kit. This promo only last until the end of July so let me know if you are interested.