Saturday, November 20, 2010


Do you know what I like about airports. Watching people reunite. We picked up my mother in law this afternoon at the Sacramento Airport. We were early because we had to stop and rent a car for the week. It is too difficult for her to get in and out of the back seat of our 2 door Ford Focus.

While we were at the airport it was so wonderful to see kids coming home from college rushing to hug their mom. We saw several soldiers come home. Grandma's and grandpas waiting not so patiently for their grandbabies to come down the escalator with the kids parents. It was funny to watch grandparents ignore their kids to give the grand kids hugs, kisses and presents. I even heard one grandma tell her son in law "sorry I forgot to hug you too." It made me smile.

I am thankful today to have seen the love of so many families today. I am also very thankful that I get the next week with Mary Lou.