Friday, August 14, 2009

the ADHD adventure

This week we started the ADHD adventure with Drew. Been there done that with Phil many years ago. I can honestly say in some ways Drew is worse than Phil. I think it is mainly due to personality in general. Phil is/was pretty laid back. Drew can be pretty intense and gets frustrated more easily than Phil ever did.

The MIND center wanted me to take Drew off his meds for a few days so Drew's reg doc could see the Tourette's in full glory. Boy, did I get a talking to by his Doc. I was informed if the MIND center wanted me to do such as that again I was to call Dr. Hacker and HE would make the decision as to what he wanted me to do. 3 days without Respirdol and Prozac makes for a very long YEAR.

Dr. Hacker has started Drew on Ritalin. We are on Day 2. I am to call Monday with a report. I am going to report we need a higher dose in the AM and a Dose Midday as well. Right now it seems to be holding for about 2 hours then I can almost tell the minute it wears off. Scott and I are also talking about adding a DIET MT. Dew to Drew's morning routine. NOW NOW before I get all the comments about this. Let me explain.

Caffine is a stimulant like Ritalin. It has been proven to help ADHD kids. In fact there are studies out there about how college kids who were never DX'd with ADHD until later in life learned on their own to "self medicate" with Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper. I know it works. Phil after medical problems brought on by ADHD drugs switched to Mt Dew and had very good success. My dad, who never was offically DX'd with ADHD (it wasn't around when he was a kid) took my advice and started drinking a Dr. Pepper before a bridge game and he and his wife can see a marked difference.

I will post updates as this journey progresses as well. Man lots of new journies this year. Thinking maybe I need a blog dedicated to Drew/Homeschool/ADHD.

AS always
Faith Trust and Pixie Dust.