Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I have found the best product for the wash. I am one who likes to know laundry has been washed and there is a hint of "clean" smell to it when I take it from the drawer or linen closet. I got a sample of an item that is not in the stores yet the other day in my mailbox. Try it and blog my opinion. Those who know me, know that I have opinions on what i like and don't like so this is my totally unbiased opinion of Downy Unstoppables.

The little pellets look like smaller versions of "button candy" I ate as a kid. When I opened the bottle to smell - it smelled like Downy - sort of. According to the directions add a little or a lot to the water before you add the clothes. I sprinkled some in and threw in some jackets I was getting ready to put away for the season. Put in detergent and downy softener and let it do it's thing. After it came out of the dryer I thought I was imaging things. It smelled good. But I wondered if I was wanting it to smell good.

Do you remember the Brady Bunch episode with the laundry detergent? Where they were deciding which one they liked best? That is what I did. I took out a measuring cup and did 2 loads with Unstoppables and 2 loads without. I wanted to ensure they all had the same amount so I could ensure the validity of what I was dong. Scott folds laundry so I asked him to take notice of the differences in the loads. That is all I said. After he had folded the laundry he told me that the green baskets smelled better - and had a stronger scent than the others. yes those were the ones with the Unstoppables. My nose hadn't failed me the first time around.

I have yet to wash sheets with it but that is next. I love climbing into bed with clean sheets that smell wonderful after a shower. I think that is the best nights sleep you can get.

I will use Unstoppables in the future and I can honestly reccomend this product based on the smell test I did.

Vocalpoint.com supplied this full size sample free of charge and requested that I give my honest opinion of it.