Friday, November 26, 2010

The trip is coming up

Ok so we have 33 days and 11 hours until we actually hit Wilderness Lodge for 11 days it is beginning to seem real.

I have had our dining reservations made since July. A must if you are going to the world, using the dining plan and want to get the better, fun restaurants.

Plane tickets have been bought. Thank goodness for Southwest and allowing the change of flights without a penalty.

Today I ordered trading pins from EBAY. Need to find everyone's lanyard.

I have started putting together my first aid kit. Everyone made fun of me last time but the moleskin and body glide were life savers for all involved.

I have bought all the T-shirts and the transfers. Lori and Lois have offered to take care of getting them done for me. (somewhere in the next month we are moving and I don't have time to get it all done with out help from them). Lori is also designing special autograph books for Betsy and Drew. She made one for Lexi and their trip to DL this past week. It was beautiful.

need to make our hotel reservation for the 29th at the airport Hyatt. and get gift cards for everyone. Lots of little details to deal with but those will get done.

WDW I can't wait!!!!Open your magic gate You make no stranger wait......