Monday, April 30, 2012

Yes I know it has been a while.  Yes I know I am not being a good blogger.  Yes you can assume much has been going on in my world.  Too much for me to concentrate on my blog.  But I am back and I hope you missed me.  Drew has been receiving home and hospital for the past couple weeks.  Trying to ease him back into the idea school is safe.  He has been going for OT and language therapy.  His classroom teacher has been coming to the house a couple days a week to work with him on school work. I have noticed the longer he is away from the class the more issues we are having.  He will be going back next year on a trial basis.
I am fortunate that his teacher understand that learning can happen AWAY from the brick and mortar so she has no problem when I pull him for a day to do a tour or activity with our homeschool group.  It is actually the best of both worlds.

We are gearing up for Phil's graduation and wedding. Drew and I leave next Tuesday and will be in Kansas for a 8 days.  Much planned.  Drew is very excited to see everyone.  WE get back the 15th and are having a party for Drew's 10th birthday on the 19th.  Drew has been a real trooper about how everything is so centered on Phil right now.  Phil's birthday, graduation and wedding all in a 2 month period.  We are not doing much for Phil's Bday.  I will just throw some money in his checking account. Easy.

I do have a new Mixbook give away coming up this week. Everyone has weddings going on and needs guest books.  So they are allowing me give one away on my blog.  Look for it in the next few days.

I haven't posted pictures of Drew lately so here are a couple from a family portrait sitting we did a few weeks ago.