Sunday, June 12, 2011


My word for the second half of the year is FRUGAL. I am making a game of clipping coupons and now seeing how much I can save. I will only be going to4 stores. I don't think you save money if you drive all over and spend as much in gas as you save. I am choosing CVS, Bel Air, Target and Henry's. We are also going to start getting our veggies from the farmer's market. I actually pass all the stores (except the farmer market) almost everyday on my way somewhere so I don't think it will be wasting gas because they are on my direct route. I figure if I make it a game to save money then it won't be so hard and I will think twice or three times before I buy something. I am using Krazy Koupon Lady and Penny Pinching Mom to help me understand the finer points of couponing. I even found out that our local paper if you are a subscriber to the Sunday paper will deliver last Sunday paper for free so I will get 2 copies for the price of one The SacBee has a special going right now where I can get the Sunday only for 20.00 a year.

We have lived in this house almost 3 years now and I have yet to put much on the walls. Drives my Mother in Law nuts. So I am looking for some great ideas. I joined Pintrest to get ideas.

I have really gotten hooked on blogs lately that have cool (easy) crafty things. Like this one, isn't this the neatest idea? Scott would probably have a fit if I did something like this but oh well.I want to do lids for several events so they will be useable more often.

So if you want come on my journey to learn how to be frugal and not pay full price for anything. It should be an adventure. Who knows I may put all my savings in a special account to pay for a trip to Disney since I can't seem to win one.