Monday, June 20, 2011

not sure which is worse

I came upon this link and had to share.

First we wonder why the nation is so over weight but I am trying to figure out which is worse Fried Kool Aid or Fried Jalapeno with Baby Ruth in the middle. Then there is fried butter- waiting for someone to explain that one.

playing catch up.

I am hoping things are back to normal around here - what ever normal is. I can't beleive being busy from 4-830 every night last week put me so far behind. I have a list of phone calls to return. I found time to contact the insurance agent to change some coverage and sent off graduation presents to two very special young ladies. What did I do before Amazon when it came to ordering presents?

We had a great weekend -did the shopping and worked on getting the van up and running. I will be glad when that process is finished.

Today's CVS run: Had coupons for Shick Quatro Razors - 2.00 off (and 4.00 back in ECB)as well as 5.99 Extra Care Bucks (ECB) from my Zyrtec purchase last week. I bought 3 packages for razor blades and also bought 2 tubes of Hawaian Tropic SPF45 lip balm. CVS had a deal where buy any 2 HT items and get 10.00 in ECB back if you bought 2. the lip balm was 2.99 each. So I spent 24.00 saved 10.00 at the register and also got back 14.00 in ECB. Not bad for a days shopping.