Saturday, March 16, 2013

changes to diet

I am research fanatic.  I am addicted to learning.  It is like a drug for me.  I had been seeing articles about Tourette's and diet.  We had made an effort to become gluten free several years ago and we did a good job.  At some point we fell off the wagon and went back to our old ways.  I am not sure how Drew's tics were during the time we were GF.

My research has revealed that there may be a connection between many diseases and gluten.  I am also finding many reports of milk and tics.  Milk seems to increase them.  I know soy milk can cause an increase in them as well.  So we are going to try Almond Milk and see if we see a difference.  In the next couple weeks we will also revert to our life style of being GF.  Bob's Red Mill and Pamelas GF are good brands for GF.  So I will be going back to them.  We also love Eating Well Magazine for great recipes which can be altered for GF life style.

Drew has an aversion to many foods so it can be a challenge to cook for him.  He is not a veggie eater.  it is a texture thing.  He is going back to OT thru Children's in the next few weeks.  As the TS has gotten worse he has lost some fine and gross motor skills.  The schools will only give OT from an educational standpoint so all they are offering is typing skills.  He needs more.  So the school is teaching him to type and Children's will be tackling motor skills and sensory issues which have also become worse as the TS has gotten worse.