Tuesday, April 01, 2014


AND WE ARE BACK!!!!!! It has been a bumpy year!

When we left we were in the process of transitioning Drew out of a wrong placement in our school district in Colorado to a mainstream placement at his home school.  We had high hopes.  We had a great working relationship with the principal, Drew had toured the school and met some kids.  Things were looking up.

FAST FORWARD to this year.  Let's just say it was an ugly year.  There was a new principal (the former one was promoted because he was awesome) who refused to understand Tourette's and the comorbids. She would not follow thru on anything the former principal has promised us even though she was in on the transition meeting) She saw Drew's Tourette's as behaviors not part  of a neurological condition. By spring break he had been suspended  9 days total for tics that she saw as behavioral.  We had offered to bring in a TS specialist to talk to them.  Nope they knew everything.  After all, they are the biggest school district in Colorado. Don't get me wrong there were some good teacher's who cared a great deal about Drew but we think their hands were tied as to how they could help him due to administration at the school and district level.  That is what we think but we have no proof.

We have moved back to home schooling as of this week.  It is a bit rocky but I think in the long run it will be the best thing for our family.  Procrastination is Drew's middle name.  Common Core is not his friend (or mine)

I am hoping to find curriculum that will be more TS friendly that I can talk about as we go along.  I have found a great spelling curriculum that I will talk about in the next week.

Drew appears to be happier to be back at home.  He is free to tic and we are seeing more of them during the day.  He is sleeping better. His frustration ebbs and wanes depending on what we are working on.  His appetite has improved. So those are all good things.

So dear readers.  Here we go.  Homeschooling a kid with Tourette's.  This will be fun! I promise.