Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Destinations by Cathy

Yes you read that correctly.  I have opened my own travel agency.  I realized that I could do what I was doing for the other agency but on my own terms.  I contacted Disney and talked to some one from inside sales.  She told me that I had been given incorrect information and that I could indeed become my own agent for Disney - and other places.  After all how did the other agencies get their start?

So I contacted the State of California and they walked me through what to do to be legal in the state.  I had to have a travel agent number so the inside person at Disney told me who to go to for home based because I don't make enough yet to qualify for IATA or CLIA (the big two in the travel world.)  I am a member of OSSN and have a TRUE number.  So I guess I am open for business. Still have to go get fingerprints tomrrow.

So I am now in business for myself.  I own my own travel agency!!!!!!

Destinations by Cathy is open for business.