Friday, July 29, 2011

Just one more thing

I was added to Google+ this week. While this is great - it will qualify me to test more products in turn which will help my readership. I am getting more traffic on here which is great.

My problem is this. I can't figure out how to add the little icons at the bottom of my posts for FB, Twitter, G+ etc. If there is someone who can help me I would greatly appreciate it.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Two friends of mine started selling Wildtree products. I tried them and was very intrigued. I started researching them and found this was a company I could truly get behind and support. All of their food products are natural, no preservative, no dyes, no additives, no MSG. I can read EVERYTHING on the label. Scott and I have been working on eating healthier and we find when Drew doesn't have additives, dyes and wheat his behavior improves.

Wildtree is cutting edge and SO appealing! Here is the July Customer special. If you have allergies or kids with food allergies this might appeal to you. Coming in August there will be Certified Gluten Free products as well.

The company was started by a Pharmacist whose kids had food allergies and related issues. She couldn't find foods that were free of the harmful additives her kids couldn't eat so she started (with the help of her parents) experimenting. Soon her neighbors were asking for her goodies and she and her mom started taking them to local farmer's markets and trade shows. It caught on and had a great following. It is now the 4th fastest growing Direct sales company in the country. It is unfortunately a well kept secret that more people need to know about.

They also have a wonderful program called the Culinary Club:

A Culinary Club Member receives a 20% discount off every product they purchase online through. The cost is only $25.00 to sign up. you can go through my link to sign up for culinary club or to read more about the wonderful foods.

This month they are having a great special for anyone who wants to become a rep. 49.50 for the starter kit. that is half off. It is 285.00 worth of products and starter items. Try it and if it isnt' for you then you are out nothing and you get to eat your way through the kit. This promo only last until the end of July so let me know if you are interested.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Who would you visit?

I have been very nostalgic for family and friends who have gone before me. This song resonates very deeply. If Heaven Weren't so Far Away who would you want to see and what would you do?

Me? I would want to dance on the daisies with my mom, make fudge with my mooma, rub my poopa's little bald head, and just hug my aunt Doris.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I have found the best product for the wash. I am one who likes to know laundry has been washed and there is a hint of "clean" smell to it when I take it from the drawer or linen closet. I got a sample of an item that is not in the stores yet the other day in my mailbox. Try it and blog my opinion. Those who know me, know that I have opinions on what i like and don't like so this is my totally unbiased opinion of Downy Unstoppables.

The little pellets look like smaller versions of "button candy" I ate as a kid. When I opened the bottle to smell - it smelled like Downy - sort of. According to the directions add a little or a lot to the water before you add the clothes. I sprinkled some in and threw in some jackets I was getting ready to put away for the season. Put in detergent and downy softener and let it do it's thing. After it came out of the dryer I thought I was imaging things. It smelled good. But I wondered if I was wanting it to smell good.

Do you remember the Brady Bunch episode with the laundry detergent? Where they were deciding which one they liked best? That is what I did. I took out a measuring cup and did 2 loads with Unstoppables and 2 loads without. I wanted to ensure they all had the same amount so I could ensure the validity of what I was dong. Scott folds laundry so I asked him to take notice of the differences in the loads. That is all I said. After he had folded the laundry he told me that the green baskets smelled better - and had a stronger scent than the others. yes those were the ones with the Unstoppables. My nose hadn't failed me the first time around.

I have yet to wash sheets with it but that is next. I love climbing into bed with clean sheets that smell wonderful after a shower. I think that is the best nights sleep you can get.

I will use Unstoppables in the future and I can honestly reccomend this product based on the smell test I did. supplied this full size sample free of charge and requested that I give my honest opinion of it.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

rite of passage

Last night was a rite of passage for my youngest. He was allowed (under VERY strict supervision) to like actual fountains. He was so excited. Took me back to when Phil was allowed the privileged.
There is something about seeing that sense of entering the realm of tweenhood and the pride both boys felt when we told them we felt they were responsible enough to start lighting fireworks. Drew asked if I was proud of him for being responsible. My heart was busting at the seams when he actually gave me a kiss (not something done often by Andrew)

It was a good Fourth but like always something is missing when Phil and Betsy are not here. They had their own fun with Phil's biological grandparents in Topeka. They move in to their new house this month. Another rite of passage.

I use to dread these moments when I realized my boys were moving on to a new milestone, but anymore i embrace it and smile at what Scott and I have done as parents.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Help the Troops

I learned something today. Did you know that overseas military PX will take expired coupons? They will take them for 6 months after the expiration date. My friend at Penny Pinching Mom put up that post today.

I signed up for a family today through Coupons Through Troops . Another organization is Couponing Over Seas. With this group you send your coupons to a base not a family and they are distributed to everyone who wants them. I personally wanted to connect with a particular family which is why I chose the first one.

Even if you don't clip coupons this is a wonderful idea. Just bundle up the coupons in the paper - set them aside and once a month mail them off to a family helping our country. If you do coupon, send the expired ones as well as the ones you don't need. Don't let free money go to waste.

Faith Trust and Pixie Dust is what it is all about my friend. Help our service families.