Friday, July 01, 2011

Help the Troops

I learned something today. Did you know that overseas military PX will take expired coupons? They will take them for 6 months after the expiration date. My friend at Penny Pinching Mom put up that post today.

I signed up for a family today through Coupons Through Troops . Another organization is Couponing Over Seas. With this group you send your coupons to a base not a family and they are distributed to everyone who wants them. I personally wanted to connect with a particular family which is why I chose the first one.

Even if you don't clip coupons this is a wonderful idea. Just bundle up the coupons in the paper - set them aside and once a month mail them off to a family helping our country. If you do coupon, send the expired ones as well as the ones you don't need. Don't let free money go to waste.

Faith Trust and Pixie Dust is what it is all about my friend. Help our service families.

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