Tuesday, April 16, 2013


A month ago I posted this update.  I hadn't heard anything and was worried that this was going to be yet another debacle with this school district. I started leaving messages with the superintendent and the advocate.     The superintendent called tonight and after apologizing profusely for letting the ball drop, he started talking about the next 3 weeks.

The principal at the school Drew will be going to was just promoted.  That threw a monkey wrench in things.  We all want the principal who will be at the school to be involved in this transition.  The current principal will be over 10 schools, including the one Drew will be attending. The VP may be promoted to principal so she would be another possibility to oversee the the transition.  The third option presented to wait till the principal is named in the next couple weeks.  NOT AN OPTION.  There are only 5 weeks of school left and I will be gone one of those weeks.  (rough life having to go to WDW for training)

I did feel good that he wanted the new school totally educated about TS. He has done his research and now understands that there are probably many in the district who have this that they are not aware of.  If 1 in 1000 suffer from some form of TS than Drew is not alone. He did admit they don't have an educational program in place for teachers let alone kids to understand TS. Everyone knows ADHD, Autism  and so many other challenges.  But very few understand TS.

The superintendent was going to send out emails tonight to all team members and by Thursday have a plan in place to meet with the current principal of the new school, VP and new principal( if one has been named) Then the psychologist and IEP case manager from the new school will go observe Drew and meet with the team at his current school. Then, Drew will visit the new school a couple times to meet teachers and kids.  After all of that we will have a HUGE meeting with the team from both schools to finalize the IEP (again).  there will also be education for the staff at the new school of all of the parts of TS.  All of this before May 11. I am tired just typing it, let alone living it. At some point there will also be education for the students. I am assuming that will be next school year.

The rough part will be telling Drew.  He has had so much change in the last year and has just begun to settle in. The superintendent has assured me they have done this many times and most kids settle in well.  I have been rehearsing all of the positives for Drew so when we tell him, we can excite him about the change.

In other new - Drew got his CPAP today.  Anxious to see how he feels in a couple days after getting good sleep.

Mother nature is still menopausal.  We got  9 inches of snow yesterday and 4 more coming tomorrow night.  At least it got above freezing today to get rid of most of what was received yesterday.

Drew got a freestanding basketball hoop this past weekend. A neighbor decided to get rid of theirs since their daughters no longer used it.  Great purchase for 30.00.