Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I have a job

I have a perfectly legit reason for not blogging the past couple weeks! I have gotten my DREAM job. YES you read that correctly.  I have a job and it is my DREAM job.  I am now a travel agent.  More importantly I am also a Disney Authorized Travel planner.  What could be better for me than that?

I am working for a company called Galaxsea Travel.  They are a brick and mortar travel agency out of Monroe NJ and have about 200 agents around the country. The company has been around more than 20 years and I went through one heck of an inteview process to get this job. I think the website needs a bit of work. But that is just me. This is there Disney link.  I am able to book all travel, domestic and international.  Wanna go to Sandals or Beaches let me know. Ski trips, Mexico, Vegas, Hawaii, Europe.  I can help you all the way. I still have some training to do but as of now I can officially a travel agent. I get to sign my tax return that way next year.  So time to start thinking about your next getaway.  My business email is

I have been asked why a travel agent in the days of the internet.  Surprisingly more and more people want a travel agent.  No one has the time to search for deals.  Not only that it is my JOB to know the best deals.  I get to handle the details and make your final destination the best trip it can be.

There is no extra cost to the consumer to use a travel agent.  You pay the same rates whether booked through a resort or through a travel agent.  The nice thing about a travel agent? I have a file with your likes and dislikes and you ALWAYS get to talk to the same person.  ME.  Can't do that when you call Disney or Sandals.  You and I have a relationship, I am not some random person who got your call in a queue and you are not some random reservation number.   If something goes wrong or you forget your travel documents I am there for ya babe!

So let me do the work for you and make your next vacation - where ever you are headed a trip of memories.