Friday, December 03, 2010

Is it rude

Tell me if this scenario is rude.

30 minutes before you are to be at your monthly Bunco game your dog gets skunked. You call hte hostess and tell her that your hubby refuses to clean up the dog and you now have skunk on you so you are going to jump in the shower and pick up another member and you will be right over.

When you show up commenting that you can't get the smell out any better but oh well we are all friends and sit down in a cloth chair and proceed to play Bunco. As the evening wears on several people start to get headaches, one gets sick, several go outside to get fresh air,the hostess dining chairs as well as couch now are "Ode DeSkunk". You then can't understand why you were asked to leave because you did shower (not wash your hair)and changed clothes and everyone else is getting sick.

In your opinion was the hostess in the wrong? Or the skunked Bunco Member? I am not the one who was skunked nor was I the hostess this month.