Wednesday, October 19, 2011

great giveaways on my other site

There are two awesome giveaways on Rantings of a Mom

The first is a giveaway from MixBook for 30 Christmas cards.

The second will have 2 winners.  It is sponsered by Eli Treasure.  One person will win a Rockit.  This is such a cool item  Wish I could win it. 

The second prize is a Wildtree Garlic duo.  It has a bottle of garlic grapeseed oil and a bottle of Natural grapeseed oil.  I was very surprised the health benefits of Grapeseed oil.  Even over olive oil  I use Garlic grapeseed oil as my main oil of choice.  Benefits of grapeseed oil. Click the link to see the benefits.  It made me a believer.  I also like the fact it does not have the olive taste that permeates everything I cook. Grapeseed oil works better as an infuser oil because of it is not strong as olive oil.

Go check out the give aways.  I know there will be another give away starting October 25.  Subscribe to Rantings of a Mom   so you don't miss all the goodies.