Wednesday, October 19, 2011

great giveaways on my other site

There are two awesome giveaways on Rantings of a Mom

The first is a giveaway from MixBook for 30 Christmas cards.

The second will have 2 winners.  It is sponsered by Eli Treasure.  One person will win a Rockit.  This is such a cool item  Wish I could win it. 

The second prize is a Wildtree Garlic duo.  It has a bottle of garlic grapeseed oil and a bottle of Natural grapeseed oil.  I was very surprised the health benefits of Grapeseed oil.  Even over olive oil  I use Garlic grapeseed oil as my main oil of choice.  Benefits of grapeseed oil. Click the link to see the benefits.  It made me a believer.  I also like the fact it does not have the olive taste that permeates everything I cook. Grapeseed oil works better as an infuser oil because of it is not strong as olive oil.

Go check out the give aways.  I know there will be another give away starting October 25.  Subscribe to Rantings of a Mom   so you don't miss all the goodies.

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Missy Lowe said...

I was the very lucky winner of the Rock-It speaker sponsored by Eli's Treasure,THANK YOU to Rantings Of A Mom AND Eli's Treasure for the opportunity to win this prize!
Here is my review of it:This little thing is amazing! Watch the video, and you will see the way it works...u put it on anything hollow (a cereal box, an upside down pot, a vase, a cabinet door, ANYTHING!) and that thing is instantly a speaker! We played with it for hours the first night we got it, moving it from place to place to hear the different tones it put out when placed on different places...My husband then took it to work with him and freaked out his work-buddies with it! Anything with a headphone jack is instantly equipped with a decent speaker that you can actually hear. Depending on what item you choose to put it on, you can manipulate the sound to be more bass, or more treble, or just balanced. I have no idea how this thing works so well, but I know it does. This will be a great gift item for all those that have mobile listening devices...small enough to keep in your glovebox, this can travel anywhere, and you have instant music for everyone, not just the ipod headphone listener! You can use it with batteries if u r concerned about it taking power from the item that it is amplifying, or without batteries if u r not. (for example...without batteries for a laptop that is plugged in or something that has long battery life) 2 thumbs enthusiastically way up! Get em for everyone on your Christmas list! P.S. we also use it on our computer to watch movies, or youtube type stuff...the speakers on the laptop are not so great, but the Rock-it makes it sound great! Thanks again to Rantings of amom and Eli's Treasure!