Wednesday, March 28, 2012

we are making it

We are plugging along.  Drew seems pretty receptive to what we are doing and so far has done his work with out any fights.  He is reading on my Nook, computer time, writing letters.  Even though next week is technically spring break I am going to have him working.  He seems so far behind where he should be.  Tomorrow I take him to school for an hour for his language therapy.  He is not too happy about it but he needs to maintain his therapies.

I am ready for my hubby to be home.  Single parenting is not for me.  I don't know how my mom did it when my dad traveled.  she also worked full time and had 2 kids.  We head for SF next Wed for Drew's last appt with the Tourettes doc.  Scott and I will go in a few weeks for a wrap up and discussion on where we go from here.  Up until today the tics have been pretty level.  they are there and noticeable but not the intensity as when he was in class.  Today they seemed to be higher in frequency.  Not sure why.

I know I need to post pics because it makes blogs more interesting but just haven't done it.  I can post pics of a snoring dog if you want.  Think Skippy needs his aednoids out.