Friday, June 10, 2011

give aways

Did you know about all the amazing contests on people's blogs? I wish I was good enough to be able to have give aways and go to places like BlogHer. But I don't have enough readership and I don't know how to build it so that I can become more successful.

I have been entering give aways on Blogs for a while. And on Facebook. I have actually won a few things.

One of my favorite sites Jasmere has a daily give away via facebook. I won some great note cards from that give away.

My fave fiber site Phatfiber has a give away almost every day. I have been very fortunate to win several of those give aways.

I also won a 250.00 gift card to Toys R Us just in time for Drew's birthday this year. I had forgotten I had even entered that and was shocked when the gift card showed up. I had to go back and research what it was I entered.

There are some amazing give a ways out there and it takes a minute to enter so I figure why not. It is nice to win and get something other than bills in the mail. I will post give a ways as I find them. If only I could win a trip to Disney give a way.