Tuesday, June 07, 2011

for the love of chocolate *update6/10/11

DEAR GOD I am in heaven. I love give aways and have i got one for you. Actually it is about fair trade but it is also chocolate. Someone's Gotta Pay has been doing some wonderful give aways.

There have been 3 so far.

1 - Coco zen it is one of my favorite fair trade chocolate companies. There truffles are to DIE for

2 - pranagourmet - If you win you have to promise to share the box (with me of course)

3 - cupcakes - I am a sucker for cupcakes and I think I could get addicted to these.

4 - spa items - I bet these work as good as they smell

5 - truffles - I want those chocolate chip cookie dough truffles so badly. yum

Make sure you enter for each give away - even if it means i can't win. Just remember my finders fee. Good luck.

I will add to the list as they add more give aways. All entries must be in by June 14. And remember if you win you owe me a finders fee!!!!