Wednesday, January 26, 2011

proud owner of....

My doctor today gave me 3 things. A script for a cane to help with balance, the signed forms for me to go stand in line at the DMV to get a handicap parking pass and an actual appointment time with a specialist to figure out what is wrong with me. It is the end of March but that is better than not having one at all. This specialist picks and chooses his patients based on case history. So him agreeing to take me is the first step.

I know I am facing a lumbar puncture, another MRI, nerve biopsies and who knows what else. My doc thinks he has an idea what this is. I am not a fan of what I have read of his possible diagnosis. Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy. At this point it is just a guess.

It is hard to describe the sensation I feel at times. My arms feel numb and my legs feel like they are being tazed. at times it is an all over feeling of tingling like right now. Like there is a low voltage current running through me. I won't lie I am scared. I know there are treatments to put this in remission.

Just like everything else, God knew me before I was born and picked the path I was to travel. I may not understand why it is but it just is.