Tuesday, July 05, 2011

rite of passage

Last night was a rite of passage for my youngest. He was allowed (under VERY strict supervision) to like actual fountains. He was so excited. Took me back to when Phil was allowed the privileged.
There is something about seeing that sense of entering the realm of tweenhood and the pride both boys felt when we told them we felt they were responsible enough to start lighting fireworks. Drew asked if I was proud of him for being responsible. My heart was busting at the seams when he actually gave me a kiss (not something done often by Andrew)

It was a good Fourth but like always something is missing when Phil and Betsy are not here. They had their own fun with Phil's biological grandparents in Topeka. They move in to their new house this month. Another rite of passage.

I use to dread these moments when I realized my boys were moving on to a new milestone, but anymore i embrace it and smile at what Scott and I have done as parents.