Monday, May 23, 2011


Bet you didn't think I would be writing about this topic again for a long long time did you? On the way to school this morning Drew told me we needed to talk. GREAT I thought not knowing what was going to come through that little mouth. He asked when he could go back to home school. You see, he explained he is bored. The things they are doing in his class he has already done. In fact, He has lost some of the skills I taught him about writing paragraphs because those aren't topics until third grade and giving presentations (like we do for International day) is not even broached until 5th grade.

Drew asked if I could supplement what was going on in school with some things at home. He misses ancient history. So I am frantically searching for copies of Surley English grade 2 and 3 as well as Teaching Textbook unit3. He also wants to find Story of the World and our Bible pack and start those again. HE told me this way he would have the best of both worlds.

I did tell him we would not revisit homeschooling on a permanent basis until he was ready for 4th grade or until his therapists felt he was ready to handle it again. I would give anything to start now but I want him to be a little more ready to understand and handle it.

So now Drew is a schooled/homeschooled kid.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Gotcha day

In the adoption world there are celebration days that don't exists for other families. Families celebrate birthdays, Christmas, Easter etc. In adoption families we also tend to celebrate Gotcha day. This is the day when we got the call and our son or daughter is placed in our arms for the first time. Kind of like saying "everything will be Ok. I gotcha now" That was yesterday for us. We were fortunate that Drew came to us the day after he was born and so we celebrate these together.

For families who adopt thru the foster system or over seas Gotcha days are a separate day. The day is still very important to the family. I know one family who goes for Chinese on that day of the year only. It is marked by a family celebration. For us- this year we are headed to 6 Flags. The three of us. Wish phil was here to join us but he isn't.
This day means ususally means a lot to an adoptive family similar to Christmas, birthdays or Easter. We don't give presents but we celebrate being a family.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


We are making progress in the foods Drew eats. For the longest time it was only carbs. It got to be very challenging and VERY unhealthy. In working with his OT, she came up with a way for him to try new foods. He gets to be a scientist. When he is introduced to a new food he gets to examine it for color, textures, smells etc. Then he has to try it. In some cases the first try may only be a lick but he is not allowed to say he doesn't like something until he has journaled about a food 10 times. I am happy to report instead of just potatoes and corn on the cob he now eats dried bananas, snap pea crisps, sweet potatoes stawberries and blueberries. He has ruled out for the time being freeze dried mango, kiwi is iffy at best. He has licked broccoli and asparagus and the jury is still out on those but in our eyes that is MUCHO progress.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another Tuesday

Drew is at school. Scott is at work. I am at home. I have been weighing my options as to what I could do today. I think some washing of sheets is in store for me. May be washing a couple dishes. Then I plan on knitting and maybe some online retail therapy.

Drew this morning was listening to a song and to give you an example of how his mind works - the lyrics were "she's a good bass fisher and an dynamite kisser...." Drew looked at me and asked "why would anyone want to kiss dynamite?"

I am taking a class right now on moral and social ethics. in his world everything is black and white. But when talking about morals there are many grey areas. I am still trying to help him understand Ethics on an 8 year old asperger level. All I can say is it is not easy.

Saturday, May 07, 2011


WOW Have I been MIA for a while. Sorry all. Lots going on. Some good -Some great - Some not so great - some I am not ready to talk about.

When I think about it I would have to say it is all pretty great. I had a wonderful time in Topeka. I came back refreshed in many ways. Scott and Drew survived very well with out me. I came home to a clean house, laundry done, Scott even cleaned out my second pantry and it is very nicely organized. He found time to trim a big over grown tree in the back yard. Now I know what he CAN do. LOL

I spent time with many of my wonderful friends. Had a slumber party with one - but we are old we were in bed by 10:30.

I spent one evening with a dear friend Anna. She is an amazing fiber artist and I learned how to spin. Not very easy. I also got to play with her drum carder and learned how to make batts. I am getting a drum carder for a Mother's Day/Birthday present. I am so excited. Plus I will now be scouring the internet for some wonderful rovings and wool to begin to create. I have tons of ideas for my CHILL kids for the next two semesters as well.

Phil and I got to spend lots of time together. I managed to surprise him with a cake for his fraternity. I have made sure he has had a cake with his fraternity brothers every year of college and I managed to surprise him this year. He was also very surprised to find out he had a party at chuck e cheese on his birthday. THey even had someone get in the mascot suit and come out. I have to figure out how to get the pictures from my phone to my computer so I can get them up.

The biggest news I am allowed to reveal is that we had Drew's IEP meeting yesterday. Very positive outcomes. Lots we knew about Andrew - several concerns that we need to watch but I am happy to report that Drew will be in a brick and mortar school 4 days a week and will continue to do CHILL/Independent Study on Fridays!!! I can't believe the are making that consession. He will however no longer be getting speech and OT out of school but the have promised to try and make arrangements for his old OT who was at SLTA and went to work for the district to take on Drew because she knows him and vice versa so it will make the transition much easier.