Wednesday, May 11, 2011


We are making progress in the foods Drew eats. For the longest time it was only carbs. It got to be very challenging and VERY unhealthy. In working with his OT, she came up with a way for him to try new foods. He gets to be a scientist. When he is introduced to a new food he gets to examine it for color, textures, smells etc. Then he has to try it. In some cases the first try may only be a lick but he is not allowed to say he doesn't like something until he has journaled about a food 10 times. I am happy to report instead of just potatoes and corn on the cob he now eats dried bananas, snap pea crisps, sweet potatoes stawberries and blueberries. He has ruled out for the time being freeze dried mango, kiwi is iffy at best. He has licked broccoli and asparagus and the jury is still out on those but in our eyes that is MUCHO progress.

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