Monday, March 21, 2011

I don't remember much

I know many of you have seen posts on FB as well as here that my dad was here for a week babysitting me. Here is what happened

I went in for my lumbar puncture as planned - however the aftermath was totally unplanned. The lumbar puncture went fine but when I was in observation afterwards is very fuzzy. I remember them telling Scott that I had to wait 2 hours in observation because of being prone to migraines. I remember telling Scott I was getting the worst migraine ever. I remember someone loading me in to the car and being rushed 2 blocks to the hospital. I remember a really nice security guard staying with me while Scott parked the car. I remember after sitting in a wheelchair for a while Scott grabbing a nurse and telling him that I had had a lumbar puncture and I had to be laying down. Then I was on a gurney in a hallway.

I was eventually put in a ER room. At some point some point I got an IV. No clue when. I got a CT scan to check for a stroke - no clue when. I lost the ability to swallow. Remember a nice nurse taking the water from me when I started choking. I was admitted to the hosptial. Scott knew I could not stay alone with Drew for a week - heck we didn't know when I was going to get out of the hosptial. SCott had to go to Dallas on business that could not be postponed in anyway. The government doesn't put off meetings.

He called his mom first but she couldn't get out here till Tuesday. So SCott called my dad. The next thing I remember being told that Dad was coming to stay and take care of me. Thanks to Andrea for arraging everything and sacrificing a week with out dad during the rainy season and the crack in the wall. Thanks to Mary Lou for not being able to come.

What I do remember is having the best week of my life with my dad. It was the most wonderful theraputic week. Lots of talking laughing crying loving healing. What we both needed.
Dad met my friends, went to Dr.appts, pack meeting, knitting group, DRew's OT and speech and so many other little things. IT meant the world to me.

We see a new neurologist on Wed. We now have more questions then answers. No one can explain what happened after my puncture. It was scary. I have so many holes in my memories but I think that is probably a good thing. But not as good as having my dad to myself for a week.