Monday, June 13, 2011

todays frugal

In my quest for frugalness, a website I follow had this offer up today. So I got to send my dad a Father's day card for free and it will be there on time - shock of all shocks. I am sure it will shock my dad. USE THE CODE FREECARD at checkout and they will mail your card for free. You can even add a picture of yourself so if you life far a way like in my case your father can remember what you look like.

Drew and I do have to have a little talk. I came down to my desk this morning and discovered one of my coupons ripped in half and Drew had written a Lego wish list on the back. There is plenty of scrap paper in this house. Mom's coupons are OFF limits.

I have to go back to Bed Bath and Beyond. I forgot my coupon this past weekend for 20% off and they told me if I brought it in they would credit me back. AWESOME!!! I also found out that even if the BBB coupons says expired they will still allow you to use it. That may come in handy during the holidays

And speaking of Holidays - It is official Betsy and Phil are coming in Christmas afternoon and will be here for 11 days. Still trying to figure out the logistics of it all present wise but it will work out. We are having an open house while they are here. I am excited about that. Plus we will go to San Fran for a day and take the jumbo tour of the Jelly Belly Factory. Phil wants to eat at OZ and Squeeze Inn as well as In and Out.

Busy week ahead last full week of school, scout camp every night, plus our normal weekly things. Best get at it.