Monday, May 26, 2014


We are home from a whirlwind trip to Kansas for a wedding some birthday celebration and seeing cousins, grandparents, brother, SIL, and many many friends.  Not quite 2 weeks ago we found out Drew was allergic to wheat, soy, all tree nuts (not just peanuts) sesame and several other things. His environmental allergies were changing because of moving to a new state and they decided to test for food allergies as well.

That being said we immediately took all wheat and as much soy as we could out of his diet.  The difference is night and day.  He is more responsive, calmer, handled a our trip like a champ.  He saved the night at the wedding by getting help for someone in a bad situation.

By accident we found out he was allergic to oranges last week.  During food therapy they decided to try oranges.  He was squeezing juice in his mouth and within minutes his eyes swelled, throat started itching and nose started running.  He has not had oranges since he was little bitty because he hated the texture.

He didn't complain today when we stopped at Wendy's on the way home and he had to eat a packed sandwich (had a minor fail in packing food and only packed his food when we left kansas to head home.)He says he is not noticing a difference but so many people told me this weekend how different he acted.  My dad saw him 3 weeks ago and then saw him this weekend and said the difference was night and day.  Taking him off of wheat is not going to make the tics go away but it is helping his attention and moods.

I am a bit miffed about one thing.  Since he was little he has suffered from bowel issues.  NEVER did any doctor connect a possible food allergy with the bowel issues.  His bowel is severely damaged at this point and we have been told it could take up to two years for it to repair itself.  I think about all the meds and things we put him thru and the whole time there was a "simple fix"

The first few days there was lots of grumbling and grieving about losing his fave foods. I totally understand.t It would have been easier to find this out when he was 4 before he knew about all the amazing foods out there.  It is a grieving process.

I am learning fast about label reading and we are cooking at home a lot more. I am carrying an epipen and benadryl everywhere we go. I have great friends who have pointed me to a few places that have good recipes. I have found a good bakery that can do GF brownies and in Boulder I have found a place that does GF breads.