Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My kind of traffic jam!


I did it!

Last night I told you that I had earned my Disney Travel Agent Ears?  Today  I booked my first Disney vacation for a client and good friend.  I think that makes me an official travel consultant! What do you think?  AND my business cards came today.  It says I am a travel consultant.  I think that backs up my claim.

Drew and I got all the errands done this morning.  Tomorrow the house sitter comes to check things out.  AND we start packing.  One stack for camping, another stack for Kansas.  Worried about the stuff that needs to go to both.  Guess Sunday night and Monday I will be doing laundry and making yet more stacks.  It feels never ending at this point.

I am getting excited to see my wonderful son marry his best friend.  I have so many feelings going through me.  Proud,  happy, melancholy, nostalgic.  Phil says there is a pool going to see who cries first, me or Betsy's dad, Bruce.  Any thoughts?  Contact Phil if you want in.

I am really tired tonight.  Been a busy day.  Gonna go up and veg and see what bad reruns are on the tube.