Tuesday, June 14, 2011

new sites

As I have been finding new fun sites I have been putting their links on the right. I have to say these are 2 of my favorites. Krazy Coupon Lady has great ways of saving money via couponing and other links.

A to Zebra Celebrations have fantastic giveaways. today I won a life time membership to a new site called FOJOMOJO. Great place to store pictures and make and print cards or send them email.

Also check out Saving Star. Their site is a little different. You load the coupons on to your loyalty card - in my case CVS. when you go in and purchase those items it doesn't get deducted like a regular coupon. It goes in to a cash account that you can choose to cash out to your paypal or checking account I am saving mine - might buy a christmas present or 2. At CVS today I earned 5.00

Today I went to CVS and using the information the the internet and my coupons I total before coupons was 67.00 I spent 32.00 not including get 8.00 Extra Reward bucks and the 5.00 that went into my SS account. Sorry Charlie Sheen but I am the WINNER this time.