Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I look around and feel off balance in my life. I look around at everything we HAVE and it doesn't feel right. Why do I need 2 boxes of yarn? Why do I need 4 TV's. There are only 3 of us. We have as many computers as people this house. I am feeling bogged down by all the STUFF that we feel we have to have. I look back at the small house we had in Kansas - it wasn't that small it was 2200 square feet. I wanted more. Now I want to get rid of so much of it. I am tired of stuff. I feel like there has to be more than stuff.

Why do humans always want more? I have jackets I haven't worn in years but I don't get rid of them because some day I MIGHT need one of them. I look at my youngest and I am realizing I am setting a bad example for him. I lost my cell phone and after not finding it in 4 days I had to go buy a new one. I didn't need it. Drew found my phone a couple days later. I am part of the NOW generation. I never WANT for anything. If I want something I go buy it. I am realizing that is not the way to live.

As I have lived in California for the past few years I have realized that so many people have a sense of entitlement. I am one of them. I want to be someone who sets a different example for the world. I don't know how I am going to do it but there is a path I feel I am being called to walk and changing my thinking my step is the first step. Wanna walk with me?

Go to the Oprah site and watch and read about Tom Shadyak and who he was and who he has become. Also learn about what 3 guys have done in Uguanda for the invisible children. After reflecting on how I want to live my life and know I am not fulfilled and it is time to make the changes and follow my hearts desire and give back to this glorious Earth.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Yesterday, my mom would have been 65 years old. Not a day goes by that I don't think of her at least briefly. I think anyone who has lost a parent does.

I wasn't sad yesterday, just kind of melancholy. I spent a lot of time thinking about how I would have marked her 65th birthday.

As Scott was leaving for Vestry last night I looked at him and said "She would have been 65 today" HE hugged me and said he saw my tweet and knew she had been on my mind.

Andrew was standing there and asked who was 65. I told him that his Grammy would have been 65 if she was still alive. He said "well she still is 65 today. Just because someone dies doesn't mean that people can't celebrate."

At that point he said " where is the cake and candles?" Scott went to Vestry and Drew and I had a cupcake to celebrate my mom.

Like my friend Elaine said "sometimes it just takes a kids perspective" I think Drew just started a new family tradition.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

new obsession

Still waiting for some tests to come back. So far everything has come back negative EXCEPT I barely had Vitamin D in my system. I just wish the one test that was sent away would come back. That is the one everyone is hanging their hat on.

Since Drew is back in school I find I have more free time on my hands. I have been perusing the internet and have found some amazing sites. I thought over the next few days I would share some of my favorite ones.

My first site is jasmere . I have never found a more wonderful company. Their customer service in INCREDIBLE. It is similar to groupon but on a more broader scale. Jasmere seeks out less known specialty shops on the internet and then using their bargaining power negotiate great prices. The more people that buy the bigger the discount. You are then mailed a voucher # at the end of the 24 hour period to use on a specific website. You have 3 months to use the voucher.

I have made 4 or 5 purchases from Jasmere and have yet to be disappointed. Several of my friends have been giving me a hard time about Jasmere because I am already buying Christmas presents. Yes I know it is April and Yes I know I shouldn't mention the C-Word until at least July but with the things I have gotten I can't help it.

I have bought baked goods, purses, reusable shopping bags, 6 months of recipes (gluten Free) YEsterday I was the customer of the day and I won a gift card to a stationary store. I can't wait to use it.

If you are interested in Jasmere let me know. If I refer someone to the site and they purchase something I get a 10.00 referral fee to use on future purchases.

Next I will be talking about phatfiber and their wonderful fiber giveaways

Please note I do not recieve anthing from these companies. These are just my opinions on sites I enjoy and hope you do to.