Saturday, May 21, 2011

Gotcha day

In the adoption world there are celebration days that don't exists for other families. Families celebrate birthdays, Christmas, Easter etc. In adoption families we also tend to celebrate Gotcha day. This is the day when we got the call and our son or daughter is placed in our arms for the first time. Kind of like saying "everything will be Ok. I gotcha now" That was yesterday for us. We were fortunate that Drew came to us the day after he was born and so we celebrate these together.

For families who adopt thru the foster system or over seas Gotcha days are a separate day. The day is still very important to the family. I know one family who goes for Chinese on that day of the year only. It is marked by a family celebration. For us- this year we are headed to 6 Flags. The three of us. Wish phil was here to join us but he isn't.
This day means ususally means a lot to an adoptive family similar to Christmas, birthdays or Easter. We don't give presents but we celebrate being a family.