Saturday, September 05, 2009

looking forward to tomorrow

My family tree is a little off kilter. My grandfather was 16 years younger than his sisters. So the branches are kind of lopsided. My generation of cousins (second cousins) are actually around my dads age or a little younger. Their kids (my third cousins?) are my age - very strange. But I digress...

Tomorrow we are going to Tracy to see my cousin Jane - actually my dad's cousin. I haven't seen her in over 23 years. She lives in Tracy - about an hour south of here - with her husband Pete and their kids who are all in their 20's and 30's. I have never met them. They have kids Drew's age. So we are going to spend the afternoon, BBQ and swim.

My extended family used to be close. We all lived in the same general area and would always get together for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Parties were notorious. While no one was alcoholic everyone loved to get together over food and booze at the old Cork club in Topeka - which was over the Gage Bowl Bowling alley. I remember sitting next to my grandmother stealing sips of her Mai Tai, or strawberry daquiri while the grown ups talked and laughed and argued (we should have been italian)

I am sorry my boys never will have that experience. It taught me much about family and love. I will post pictures later.