Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Where have I been?

Where o where has Cathy been? That seems to be the question. Currently we are in Kansas on an extended vacation. i have spent a good deal of time in doc offices but more on that later.

things in Sac are fine. I have gone back to school full time but that seems to be on hold.

Drew is doing awesome.We are on break from Home school. We will start back up mid July. He has new therapists as the MIND center cut its budget.

Scott is riding all the time. Spent Father's day riding 85 miles up to Nevada city. I went and picked him up and spent the day watching the Nevada city Classic.

I am thrilled my class reunion is over. It amazes me how some people never change. I am surprised they don't drown with their noses so far up in the air. Several people have already stepped up to do the 30th.

the best part of the reunion was seeing my best friend from high school that I hadn't see in 23 years. Scott said he didn't think we would ever stop hugging.

we are going to spend the 4th of july at 3 different parties. looking forward to seeing lots of old friends from Lawrence.

Well, now everyone is up to speed. I promise to be a better blogger.