Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I get to earn my ears!!!!!

I am in a state of shock.  It only took till I was 45 for my dream job to come up as well as being ready to graduate from college.

I got a lead on a job a couple weeks ago and had my final interview yesterday.  I was hired to be a Disney Authorized Travel Planner!  I will be able to book any and all travel but I will have the certification from Disney to work with them.  That is HUGE.  I also will have training to book cruises, Sandals and Beaches resorts as well as any domestic and international travel.  I have helped so many friends book trips and give them tips and have other agents profit from my knowledge.  Now I get to profit from doing what I love to do.  Help people see the world.
What could be better than these memories for anyone?

Drew is thrilled because we will be getting to take trips to Disney.  Scott is thrilled that they can be tax deductions.

I will be working for a great company.  Please think of me for any travel plans you might have.  To Disney or anywhere else.  My new email will be

next up bridal shower pics.