Saturday, June 18, 2011

Camp is over

YIPPPPEEEE SKIPEEEEEE! Done with Twilight camp for another year. It isn't a horrible experience it is just HOT and the boys get cranky because they are hot and tired. I have found the best way to keep their spirits up is to eat snacks. They do bring snack dinner but in between events we would pull out licorice, fruit snacks, oreos etc. The boys never knew what was coming out of Cathy's magic bag next. The excitement of the mystery also helped. But herding 8 boys in a sea of 300 boys is like herding cats thru kittens. Nearly impossible because every time we think we are on the move to an activity invarialby one kid has to go to the bath room - which means 2 kids have to go because they have to use the buddy system. Then another will see a friend from school in a different den and HAVE to go talk to him (worse than girls) Then another wants to go fill a water bottle so off go another 2 and by this time we have 2-3 boys left and they are bored waiting so we start hearing "NOT IT" over and over as they start to run the quad to play tag. Quite the experience.

But at least now that camp is over things can get back to normal. Did I say that? Drew gets out of School on Tuesday so there goes MY normal until August 16. I don't know how many mom's I talked to at camp who were acting as leaders talking about the state of affairs in their homes. Telling their husbands it will get back to normal once this week is over. We go to camp from 430-830. You would think that would leave plenty of time to get things done. For some reason nothing gets done. I was glad to hear I was not the only one with an island full of stuff that had not been put in its place in several days. that the news papers stacking up inside the front door looked like they had been on vacation for 10 days. Desks were covered with mail and bills waiting for a moment of the mom's time so the cable didn't get cut off. For some reason Comcast doesn't take " But I was herding cats at Twilight camp" as an excuse for not paying the bill on time. The towels were stacked by the washer but they hadn't been kind enough to jump in and wash themselves. The nerve of the towels.

BUT in the midst of all this chaos I did manage to SCORE a great deal at CVS yesterday. I thinkk CVS is becoming my favorite store for couping.

I think CVS must have tiers of shoppers and the higher teirs get more and better coupons. I got one in my email on Thursday for 30% my entire purchase. We needed a new Igloo cooler. I went and found one for 50.00. I had 2 4.00 off a 20.00 purchase as well as my 30% off so my cooler ended up being about 24.00. I also used a zyrtec coupon that was buy a 5 count for 5.99 and get CVS ECC for 5.99 in addition I had a 5.00 off coupon so my zyrtec was 5.99 less5.00 so I paid .99 but then they gave me a coupon for 5.99 a future purchase. You do the math!