Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pixie Dust Abounds!!!!!!!

I am on Disney Happy Dance today. I hang out on the Disboards quite a bit. It is where I have learned all the ins and outs of planning an awesome Disney Vacation. I know some people like to just wing it but unfortunately at Disney that can't be done. I made our meal reservations back in July (you have to make the 180 days out) A few I have changed over time and fine tuned them. I have planned several character meals for us. I got a coveted Breakfast reservation at Cinderella's castle for breakfast.

I have several surprises planned for the family that I can't reveal here because you never know who reads this (Hi Betsy)

Tonight I got one of the most coveted surprises at Magic Kingdom. It is for an event that only a 100 people or so get to do a night when it is held. It is not offered all the time. I had heard the last night it was going to be offered was December 30 - our first night there but I already had a surprise for that night. I crossed this off my list.

Today I commented to Phil I didn't know why I was stalking the boards so much today because we are 30 days away and things are pretty well done. Then I found it. There was a thread about this event and that it was being extended. I jumped on the phone. I was up against a time crunch because they were doing an system up grade in 20 minutes and no reservations could be made for 24 hours at that point. I told the Cast Member what I wanted and what day. At first she said there as no availability that night. PANIC mode. I started looking at all my carefully planned reservations wondering what I could move to make this possible. All my work 6 months ago was about to go out the window. All of a sudden I hear..."wait there is pixie dust in the air" She had managed to get me a reservation on the night I wanted. I will have to change - probably cancel one dinner that we wanted to do but I think everyone will be happy with this one. I will post plenty of pictures of this in just over a month.

I have been bouncing off the walls since I booked this. I can't believe we get to do this. Bet my family doesn't make fun of my haunting the Disboards anymore.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Putting thankfulness into action

It hit me this morning during church that for the past month everyone has been blogging about what they are thankful for OR putting it on facebook. I decided I wanted to start a December movement.

It is time to put our thankfulness into action. I challenge everyone who reads my blog to do the following, challenge your readers. Post what you do here and have your readers do the same on your page.

Do something for a stranger everyday in December. It doesn't have to cost money. Let someone with fewer items go ahead of you in the grocery store or post office, help an elderly person get a cart at the store, put a quarter in a meter that you notice is about to expire, let a car into traffic ahead of you. The list is endless. The power of blogging and Facebook is amazing imagine what a wonderful holiday season it would be if we each took 3 minutes each day and made a stranger smile.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Reality check

I know my son has grown up. I have been aware of that for a long long time. I knew it the day we left him in Kansas and moved to ABQ. I knew it the day he started talking about joining the military and there was nothing I could do. He didn't enlist for medical reasons. I knew it the day he told me he thought he had met THE ONE.

This weekend I had the biggest reality check yet. This is the first holiday in a long time that Phil has not been with us. If for some reason he was not with us he was with Mike's family.

This year was different. He was with THE ONE's family. He went in on Thanksgiving morning, spent the night. Yesterday, the helped Betsy's brother move then he and Betsy spent the afternoon on the plaza, ice skating and watched the Crown Center tree lighting. They woke up this morning and went to Topeka to spend the day with Mike's family. Then back to KC to spend the night. Tomorrow, they get up early and go get a tree and he will for the first time help another family kick off the holiday season.

It hit me while we will always be family I have to share him now. There are 2 families in his life now. I don't mean it in a bad way, it just hit me that once again he is entering a new period of his life. Change is the only constant in this world and with kids that change seems to happen more and more as they grow up.

Friday, November 26, 2010

The trip is coming up

Ok so we have 33 days and 11 hours until we actually hit Wilderness Lodge for 11 days it is beginning to seem real.

I have had our dining reservations made since July. A must if you are going to the world, using the dining plan and want to get the better, fun restaurants.

Plane tickets have been bought. Thank goodness for Southwest and allowing the change of flights without a penalty.

Today I ordered trading pins from EBAY. Need to find everyone's lanyard.

I have started putting together my first aid kit. Everyone made fun of me last time but the moleskin and body glide were life savers for all involved.

I have bought all the T-shirts and the transfers. Lori and Lois have offered to take care of getting them done for me. (somewhere in the next month we are moving and I don't have time to get it all done with out help from them). Lori is also designing special autograph books for Betsy and Drew. She made one for Lexi and their trip to DL this past week. It was beautiful.

need to make our hotel reservation for the 29th at the airport Hyatt. and get gift cards for everyone. Lots of little details to deal with but those will get done.

WDW I can't wait!!!!Open your magic gate You make no stranger wait......

Thursday, November 25, 2010

some of my thankfuls

I am truly blessed. I am thankful for my life with my wonderful husband, 2 wonderful boys who are both entering new chapters in their lives. I am thankful for a wonderful dad and stepmom who truly care about Drew and his issues. I am thankful for a MIL who puts Drew first and when she is here my life becomes so much easier.

I am thankful for friends who have my back when things get rough or there is reason to celebrate.

I am thankful for technology that allows me to keep in touch with friends and family around the world.

I am thankful for having enough food, good medical care, a roof over my head, and an overabundance of everything good.

I am thankful that I have accepted Jesus as my Savior and that I let him into my heart and home.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

my fave turke quote


First sign of Vacation arrived

Last night when Scott brought in the mail he didn't know he was carryI ng what I considered one of two important peices of mail that is due before Christmas. Disney gave me an early Christmas present. Our tickets for the Disney Magical Express arrived!!!!!! For those who are not as Dis-nutty as I am - those are our tickets for the Disney bus to our hotel. The trip is finally seeming real.

We are now waiting for our BIG package with the luggage tags, vouchers, and all the fun stuff. That should be here by next Friday. I know it was printed on November 18. I promise not to stalk the mail lady. I immediately texted phil and Betsy to share my excitement. Scott is just along for the ride. HE says he will be excited when we get there until then "MEH"

Oh Well I am excited enough for all of us.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Do you know what I like about airports. Watching people reunite. We picked up my mother in law this afternoon at the Sacramento Airport. We were early because we had to stop and rent a car for the week. It is too difficult for her to get in and out of the back seat of our 2 door Ford Focus.

While we were at the airport it was so wonderful to see kids coming home from college rushing to hug their mom. We saw several soldiers come home. Grandma's and grandpas waiting not so patiently for their grandbabies to come down the escalator with the kids parents. It was funny to watch grandparents ignore their kids to give the grand kids hugs, kisses and presents. I even heard one grandma tell her son in law "sorry I forgot to hug you too." It made me smile.

I am thankful today to have seen the love of so many families today. I am also very thankful that I get the next week with Mary Lou.

Friday, November 19, 2010

IEP results

the IEP was today. the advocate ensured that Drew got some extra services that he needed. We get to go back to our old speech and OT people for a month until he starts back to school in January. They had assigned a home teacher but I refused him this afternoon. So they have to find another one. They were going to send a high school teacher who I am sure would have done well with Drew but he couldn't come until late afternoon - 5 or 6 PM. Not going to work since Drew's bedtime is 8. Not only that by that time of day Drew is not exactly in a cooperative mood. So after the holiday they will have to find another one.

We went and saw Harry Potter this evening. We had a good time. There were a few parts that I felt were a little unnecessary. The Harry and Hermione kiss didn't need to be nude. I am not a prude by any stretch but with all the kids in the audience I was a little uncomfortable. Drew felt ripped off because this was the first HP that did not have a happy ending. It was a good stopping point however.

We are all looking forward to Mary Lou's visit tomorrow. Drew is so excited to see his MEEMA. We are all grateful that she extended her visit. Thinking about going to Apple Hill on Tuesday - just have to see how things play out. Not wanting to plan a whole lot. Just spending time with ML is wonderful.

Next week will be time to start talking about our upcoming vacation. I have some great surprises for everyone. I can't wait to spend time with Betsy and Phil and enjoy our family. My friend Lori designed some great T Shirts for us. After the holiday I have got to get them made.

So much to do. So little time. But it will all get done - somehow.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

day off

I still have lots to be thankful for but right now I am trying to finish a paper for my psych class. I have a 96 in the class and would love to get an A.

Also gearing up for the meeting with the school district tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rooster day

For as long as I can remember Drew has referred to Thanksgiving as Rooster Day. Not sure why but he has. Yesterday I told him that MEEMA (Scott's mom) would be here on Saturday. He was so excited that she would be here for Rooster Day. I explained to him that she was leaving on Rooster Day before lunch. He was very upset. I told him we would to a Thanksgiving dinner on Wed. I mentioned to ML Drew was disappointed she would not be here to celebrate Thanksgiving. She went online and changed her reservation to say an extra 3 days!!!!! We only get to see here twice a year so we are all thankful for the extra time.

I am so excited she is coming. Sunday we are going to brave the rain and cold to watch Scott race. At least it is at a winery who will be having a wine tasting and pizza to get us through. Not sure what else we are doing. She has offered to help pack but I would rather just spend time with her.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

may be getting somewhere with school

Today I am thankful for the new program specialist that will be working with us to place Drew in the proper place in the public school system. She took the time yesterday to meet Drew and I at his favorite park. She wanted to observe him. She did get to witness a melt down which was nice. She has some good ideas on what is best for him and I agree with her on just about everything. We have the official IEP on Friday morning where everything will be decided.

They are offering at home tutoring until after the first of the year. Then he will be starting in an ED class with increasing time over several weeks so he can adjust. I think he will be placed in the 3rd/4th ED class since he is 8 but only in second grade. that way he can be there for several years and know the routine instead of going to one school for 5 months then changing next year.

After fighting the school district for 2 years it was refreshing to meet someone who appeared to have Drew's interest at heart.

Monday, November 15, 2010

What do I want for Christmas?

I want to come back from vacation and have everything in our current house moved to the new house. Otherwise we come back and immediately move to the new house and have to be out of here by Jan 15

Sunday, November 14, 2010

WOW what an experience

We just spent the last 24 hours on the USS Hornet. It was an amazing experience. The history on that place. Scott is down loading pictures now. I will post them later. They had the dads and boys in one area and the moms in another. We ended us splitting the boys and moms due to boys being nervous. Scott stayed with Drew and about 75 of our group. I was with the mom's group and a few young kids.

We were up on the bridge, on the flight deck, in the boughs of the ship, ate in the mess area. We and about 400 other people had run of the ship for tours and lectures from5-11 and again this morning from 7 -930.

My friend Kristina did captures some orbs. If you look closely you can see what appears to be a face in one of them. I met a docent who told me of an incident that happened to him where he was coming out of a private room and had a glass thrown at him.

About 4 this morning our berthing area got very cold. One mom commented she felt a chill from the inside out like she had never felt before. about a half an hour later I felt someone push me from under neath my bunk. When I went to bed there was no one in the bunk under me. I looked over the side to see if one of the little kids and moved. There was no one there. Thought I was dreaming. Oh well back to sleep. It happened a second time. I woke up my friend in the bunk next to me and asked her who was under my bunk. She said no one. I didn't say anything at that point. Suddenly the kid on the bunk above my friend asked her to quit pushing his bunk.
I whispered to Kristina what was going on. We were both a little spooked. About 15 minutes later a cell phone alarm went off. This was the woman who complained about the cold. We had all turned off our phones because signal was so scarce we wanted to preserve batteries as well as not have them going off trying to get messages during the night. When we got up about an hour later 2 people on the other side of the room reported having the underside of their bunk pushed on as well - there was no one under them as well.

So I guess I did have my first encounter with a ghost. I wanted to see one - not be touched by one. Tomorrow I will talk about the history we saw. But I had to share my ghost experience.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I ain't afraid of no ghost!!!

I have always had an infatuation with the paranormal. I firmly believe there are trapped souls on earth for some reason. I am not sure of the reason why however. I was talking to Grandma Peggy yesterday telling her about our upcoming adventure and she commented how lucky we are to live in a area that has so much history and the ability to enjoy lots of weekend trips to enjoy the things this part of the country has to offer. We are 90 miles from mountains and 90 miles from the ocean. If we go 5-7 hours south we are in LA and I never thought I would have gone to Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive but i have. Drew has asked to go to Lego Land for his birthday this year. I guess I better get on that.

We drop the dog off at 1 with our friend Julie and SKippy and her dog 'Nilla are having a sleep over. We are then headed to Alameda in the Bay area to spend the night on the USS Hornet. It is proclaimed to be one of the most haunted locations in the entire country. We are going with Drew's Scout pack. We are not telling the boys about the history but the several adults are very anxious for lights out at 11 so that we can have some fun. The adults have to take shifts keeping watch. I have been debating taking all night and sleeping tomorrow because I don't want to waste one minute on this experience. I have promised my friend Brooke that I will say a prayer of protection before we all board the ship. She hasn't like my last to attempts. But I promise that I will ask for protection for the boys and adults as I would in any event I would be chaperoning. I want us to all have a safe fun trip.

It is only 46 days until we hit the gates of magic kingdom for our 12 day family adventure. We let Betsy pick the first ride. she chose Dumbo. This is one ride that I have never experienced.

On another note I have finally gotten somewhere with the school district. It is amazing what a well worded letter using words like denying my son free and public education and sending them the bill for the private school of my choice becausey the were out of compliance, can do. I dropped that letter off at the district office at 1. At 2:15 I had a call from the head of the special ed department. by 323 it had been decided Monday afternoon Drew and I would meet with the program specialist at a park so we could talk and she could observe drew. IT was also decided that until all of the details of his placement could be worked out the district would provide a teacher coming the home to school work. They will see the real issues at that point. We see the specialist on Monday AM to start getting some answers.

Well off to buy a digital recorder for tonight. See everyone tomorrow.

Friday, November 12, 2010

November 12

Thankful for a husband who brings me coffee with just the right amount of creamer

Thursday, November 11, 2010

thoughts for today

There are times in your life when you realize you are tired of the shit. You are tried of trying. You are tired of reaching out only to become a scapegoat for other peoples frustration. I have people in my life that I love, I have people that I like, I have people that are related by blood, I have people who are related by a bond stronger than blood.

There comes a time in everyone's life when they have evaluate what is truly important and who you are and what you are willing to put up. Life it too short for other people to bring un needed drama to your life.

I have a full life. A husband who loves me, an older son who is loving and caring, a future daughter in law that I can laugh with, and a young son who despite of ( or because of) his struggles is funny and loving and a bright spot in every day of my life. I am truly blessed.

I have a church family who is only a phone call away, who has helped me through many emergencies when no one else was around. I have a home school family who has held me while I cried dealing with the issues with Drew I have a special friend, who despite her disabilities, is always willing to listen and loves Drew unconditionally. She seems to understand him when no one else does. In Kansas I know of many friends that I could call on a moments notice that would drop everything and coming running to my aid - and I to theirs.

For a long time I avoided conflict with people because i didn't want to deal with the fall out that I knew was inevitable. Now I am not willing to deal with them because life is to short and God doesn't expect me to turn the other cheek forever. I have tried, I am tired and I am done.

And no this blog doesn't come down either.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November 10

My dad used to be my oldest son's best friend. When my mom was ill they were inseparable. They would fly Phil to St. Louis for weekends so he could maintain their wonderful relationship. One time my mom and dad took Phil shopping and bought him a very expensive sweater. I hit the roof. I didn't think a 13 year old needed a 300.00 sweater. I pitched such a fit they almost bought a second one just to prove something to me.

After mom died things changed. Dad moved on with his life and so did Phil. They went in different directions. Phil grew up into a man my father would be proud of. Phil misses his grandfather. My dad always says "if the phone isn't ringing it you know it isn't me" That is something else he taught Phil. My dad and Phil are very much like my paternal grandmother. They can both hold a grudge and never forgive. THey may even for get what the grudge is about but they if they are certain a person wronged them then Katie bar the door.

It has been very difficult on many of us that what was such a beautiful relationship has gone so sour. their relationship used to be like my grandmother's and mine. I knew no matter what she was there and would share all my special secrets. Phil and my dad haven't spoken in over a year - well except for a shouting match Father's day. Dad has never met Betsy. That makes me sad.

Today I am thankful for my wise son who realizes that my father is older and read me an email he is going to send to his grandfather. Like Phil says "babysteps are better than NO steps"

********To those that demand I take this down. NO this my blog and there is free speech. Nothing was meant to be inflammatory All I was saying was that I was thankful my son had reached an age where he realized his grandfather was getting older and wanted to right the wrongs between them before it was too late.

Hopefully they ( as well as others of us) will be able to repair relationships and move forward.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

November 9

I look at the issues we are having with Drew and I get so frustrated. Then I watch the news and realize how blessed I truly am.

Enough said.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Something good

When I was growing up my dad used to wake up my sister and I by coming into our room and loudly proclaiming "SOMETHING GOOD IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO YOU TODAY - YOU JUST HAVE TO FIND IT" It was always a positive way to start the day. It might be something small like some cute guy smiling at me or something important like an A on a paper. It was my dad's way of always making us learn that even in the chaos of the storm there was always something that could make a day special.

With all the chaos in my life right now - the waves are all around and I am sitting in the boat being still - remembering He is God. At the same time I am cognizant of the small things that make every day special.

Sunday, November 07, 2010


today's thankfulness? This afternoon Scott took Drew to the train museum with Scouts and I got 3 hours to myself. It was so nice? What did I do? Well it was a raining all day so I had put a roast in the crock pot before church. I fell asleep to the smell of a roast cooking, fresh rain scent and the methodical raindrops falling on the slate roof. It felt so good. Skippy curled up next to me and the cat at the foot at the bed.

I was thankful when my boys arrived home safe and sound and we enjoyed a great dinner together.

Thursday, November 04, 2010


The past few weeks have been very emotional in our house. We got a new diagnosis for Drew. They think we are looking at childhood onset bipolar. It does explain a lot of things. But to hear them actually say it was devastating. I cried for 2 days. But I realized it could be a lot worse and moved forward. However after 2 melt downs one that almost caused us to call 911 to have him admitted to the hospital several things became apparent. One I can no longer home school Andrew. That breaks my heart. Maybe in a couple years we will try again but now he needs the structure of a special class room. I just am unable at this time to give Drew what he needs to be successful.

Secondly, I realized how hard the last 3 years have been on me. We moved to ABQ, Phil was in a horrific wreck and had to have surgery. Then Scott had a perforated colon and 2 pulmonary embolisms. He survived 2 surgeries and recovered. Then as he was getting ready for his first bike race after that event he was hit by a car and had a broken collar bone. That didn't heal right and requires surgery 6 months later.

For the last 3 years I have focused on everyone but me. That is the way I am but now I am tired, hollow, empty, lonely, and just plain exhausted. I broke last night. I cried for 3 hours. It all just came out. I cried for all that had changed - as far back as my mom being sick, losing her and my grandparents, the changes in my dad, the relationship with my sister the list goes on. It was a mouring of sorts.

I have spent today pretty much on my bed doing home work, sleeping, thinking and just being by myself.

I started looking at random blogs and saw that many people were taking the month of November to blog daily about what they are thankful for. It got me to change my way of thinking. I should not be having a pity party so I resolve for the next month I will do just that. Everyday talk about something I am thankful for. God has blessed our family in so many ways. My husband is still alive, my son is about to graduate from college, my younger son can be managed with medication and lots of teaching by those more qualified than me.

A friend whose blog I follow annonomously had this song on her blog today. And I think it is a good place for me to start.