Wednesday, November 24, 2010

First sign of Vacation arrived

Last night when Scott brought in the mail he didn't know he was carryI ng what I considered one of two important peices of mail that is due before Christmas. Disney gave me an early Christmas present. Our tickets for the Disney Magical Express arrived!!!!!! For those who are not as Dis-nutty as I am - those are our tickets for the Disney bus to our hotel. The trip is finally seeming real.

We are now waiting for our BIG package with the luggage tags, vouchers, and all the fun stuff. That should be here by next Friday. I know it was printed on November 18. I promise not to stalk the mail lady. I immediately texted phil and Betsy to share my excitement. Scott is just along for the ride. HE says he will be excited when we get there until then "MEH"

Oh Well I am excited enough for all of us.

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