Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday AGAIN

It seems that Saturdays have gotten into a routine around here. Scott goes for an early ride in Folsom with friends, Drew and I hang out, me on the computer, and Drew watching TV and playing. Pretty content if you ask me.

I remember when I was a kid Saturday mornings were crazy. I had gymnastics, Amie had Basketball, mom had to go to the grocery store and get other errands done. We had to get the house picked up from a week of living. They were fun times looking back. Usually Amie and I had one parent to our selves for part of the day and I always enjoyed the conversation with which ever parent I was lucky enough to spend the time with. I am sure my sister felt the same way as well.

Monday is the BIG day for me. Scott is taking me to the DR. for the last of my tests (I hope) and then I will get some kind of Diagnosis (I hope) and a treatment plan. I am scared of what the doctor might say but at the same time it will be nice to know what in the HELL is going on with me.

When Phil was born I refused an epidural because I couldn't stand the thought of a needle in my back. So I opted for a C-section. Thursday I told Scott I would gladly let them give me an epidural if it would stop the pain in my legs.

Scott is sending me home for a week. I come in April 27 and spend 2 nights with my dad and Andrea. I am really looking forward to it. Dad and I get a day together and that will be fun. Then I head for Lawrence for a 3 hour coffee with Carolyn. that same day there is a mini reunion in Topeka at Huhot for anyone that wants to attend. If you want to come let me know and I will send you the info. I am spending time with Phil and Betsy as well. The main reason for this trip is May 3. That is Phil's 22 birthday. I haven't spent a birthday with him since he turned 18. We are spending the day in Lawrence. We have something very special planned and I am honored that he would want to include me. We plan to go to Seabury and see his old teachers and my old friends. We are going to stop by my old stitch group so I can see some of them and then our special adventure. My sister would be good on this mission. she has wonderful taste. Then lunch at Pachamama's if I have my way. I miss my kid. I want to spend this time with him the same way my dad wants to spend time with me. It took me a long time (I am a little thick headed sometimes) but I get it now and to spend time with two of my favorite men has me very excited to make memories with both of them.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Health Update

Not sure how to take it. The MRI came back with no changes from the one is September. While I know this is a good thing(it showed no stroke or no growth in the 2 suspicious spots in my brain) it also showed normal blood flow etc. But since it showed nothing new, we need to figure out what the heck is going on. Over the past few weeks I have noticed more problems in my legs not my arms and hands. Yesterday at church I didn't have my cane and about toppled over - if it hadn't been for Scott and our friend Ben I would have been in a heap on the ground. I learned my cane needs to always be with me. Even if the day starts out with me feeling great - it can so south at any moment.

I emailed the neurologist to ask what the next step was. Not sure I want his answer. Part of me is worried that the is going to think I am nuts and say there is nothing wrong with be. I do have an appt with another neurologist in March and I am keeping that appt. HE is to be the best of the best.

I just want it figured out so I can go back to having some semblance of a life again. As Jay and Grant from the Ghost Hunters say - On to the next (in my case test.)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Another Saturday

Saturday has rolled around again. I think it is gonna be a pretty quite weekend for us. Next weekend appears to be pretty busy so I will take the down time when I can.

It has become routine that Scott go to Folsom on Saturday mornings for long ride with a group of people. He gets up about 530 and does his thing. He putzes around the house and about 7 he leaves. I try to grab a little more sleep if Skippy allows it. Other wise I get up and take him out. Once I am up I am up and can't go back to sleep - at least for a few hours. I try to catch up on mail, bills, insurance crap, mundane life things. I never know day to day how I feel but my alone time on Saturday seems to be when my brain works and I can get stuff done.

Drew gets up and on goes a movie and cereal in front of the TV. I remember Saturdays like that when I was a kid.

Scott gets home usually between 1:00 and 2:00. Usually we try and go out for dinner. We find our selves eating more Asian and vegetarian food since I have been sick. I do love my favorite Korean BBQ place tho. I love bulgogi.

They have taken dairy away from me as well now - ever try to go to chipolte and get a burrito - cant have it. gluten. So go with a bowl right? No cheese or sour cream. It looses something when it is only rice, beans and chicken.

Next Sunday is going to be fun. We are hosting a Mystery Dinner for our CHILL parents. The mom in charge told me yesterday that there are 10 couples coming. We are doing potluck. We love these friends. The support, love and fellowship we provide each other is amazing. We go camping together, have a monthly mom's night out. The mom's have rented a cabin in Tahoe and we are all headed there the first weekend of March. Fellowship, eating, crafting and napping for an entire weekend.

time to get back to my Saturday.



Saturday, February 05, 2011

PWD 2011

Scott has the pictures so they are not available to post. That being said, it was another successful year for Andrew at the Pine Wood Derby.

He did hold track record briefly this year but was knocked off first by a Den mate and then by a BEar. His car was clocked at 238.9 mph. The fastest car of the day was 240.1 mph.

Drew did take home two trophies this year. He placed Second in the Wolf Division (back to Districts) and his car was voted Fastest looking car by all the attendees.

Scott helped this year. He put cars on the track and if you have a scout or have done scouting before you know that placing cars on the track is a job. All the cars for the heat MUST be lined up exactly, you can't touch the wheels, you may not place your child's car on the track. And those are just the race rules. Once again Drew's car is in the hands of the Cub Master because we may not make adjustments to the car before the District tourney.

For some diehards, they think nothing of spending 150.00 for their kids PWD car. There are laser cut cars, special wheels, paint, etc it is quite a racket.

I love seeing the effort and creatvity that the boys put in to their cars. Their imaginations get to run wild.

PS my mom's recipe for chili lost the Chili Cook off.