Monday, February 14, 2011

Health Update

Not sure how to take it. The MRI came back with no changes from the one is September. While I know this is a good thing(it showed no stroke or no growth in the 2 suspicious spots in my brain) it also showed normal blood flow etc. But since it showed nothing new, we need to figure out what the heck is going on. Over the past few weeks I have noticed more problems in my legs not my arms and hands. Yesterday at church I didn't have my cane and about toppled over - if it hadn't been for Scott and our friend Ben I would have been in a heap on the ground. I learned my cane needs to always be with me. Even if the day starts out with me feeling great - it can so south at any moment.

I emailed the neurologist to ask what the next step was. Not sure I want his answer. Part of me is worried that the is going to think I am nuts and say there is nothing wrong with be. I do have an appt with another neurologist in March and I am keeping that appt. HE is to be the best of the best.

I just want it figured out so I can go back to having some semblance of a life again. As Jay and Grant from the Ghost Hunters say - On to the next (in my case test.)

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