Saturday, February 12, 2011

Another Saturday

Saturday has rolled around again. I think it is gonna be a pretty quite weekend for us. Next weekend appears to be pretty busy so I will take the down time when I can.

It has become routine that Scott go to Folsom on Saturday mornings for long ride with a group of people. He gets up about 530 and does his thing. He putzes around the house and about 7 he leaves. I try to grab a little more sleep if Skippy allows it. Other wise I get up and take him out. Once I am up I am up and can't go back to sleep - at least for a few hours. I try to catch up on mail, bills, insurance crap, mundane life things. I never know day to day how I feel but my alone time on Saturday seems to be when my brain works and I can get stuff done.

Drew gets up and on goes a movie and cereal in front of the TV. I remember Saturdays like that when I was a kid.

Scott gets home usually between 1:00 and 2:00. Usually we try and go out for dinner. We find our selves eating more Asian and vegetarian food since I have been sick. I do love my favorite Korean BBQ place tho. I love bulgogi.

They have taken dairy away from me as well now - ever try to go to chipolte and get a burrito - cant have it. gluten. So go with a bowl right? No cheese or sour cream. It looses something when it is only rice, beans and chicken.

Next Sunday is going to be fun. We are hosting a Mystery Dinner for our CHILL parents. The mom in charge told me yesterday that there are 10 couples coming. We are doing potluck. We love these friends. The support, love and fellowship we provide each other is amazing. We go camping together, have a monthly mom's night out. The mom's have rented a cabin in Tahoe and we are all headed there the first weekend of March. Fellowship, eating, crafting and napping for an entire weekend.

time to get back to my Saturday.



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