Saturday, February 05, 2011

PWD 2011

Scott has the pictures so they are not available to post. That being said, it was another successful year for Andrew at the Pine Wood Derby.

He did hold track record briefly this year but was knocked off first by a Den mate and then by a BEar. His car was clocked at 238.9 mph. The fastest car of the day was 240.1 mph.

Drew did take home two trophies this year. He placed Second in the Wolf Division (back to Districts) and his car was voted Fastest looking car by all the attendees.

Scott helped this year. He put cars on the track and if you have a scout or have done scouting before you know that placing cars on the track is a job. All the cars for the heat MUST be lined up exactly, you can't touch the wheels, you may not place your child's car on the track. And those are just the race rules. Once again Drew's car is in the hands of the Cub Master because we may not make adjustments to the car before the District tourney.

For some diehards, they think nothing of spending 150.00 for their kids PWD car. There are laser cut cars, special wheels, paint, etc it is quite a racket.

I love seeing the effort and creatvity that the boys put in to their cars. Their imaginations get to run wild.

PS my mom's recipe for chili lost the Chili Cook off.

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