Monday, January 25, 2010

and it starts again!

I knew this day would come. I lived thru years of torment while Phil was in Scouts. It was a great experience for him and a wonderful way for Scott and Phil to bond when Scott came into our lives. I on the other hand could never set foot into a Scout meeting and live a very fulfilled life. Tonight, I entered round 2 of Scouts. I knew it would happen. and I would NEVER deny Andrew the opportunity that Scouting provides. I promise to smile thru all of the Pine Wood Derbys, I will duly hit all my friends up to buy popcorn from Andrew. In return I will have to buy what everyone else's munchkin sells with a happy heart and a lighter wallet. I Promise to look into finding the glue to put patches on the uniforms because I don't want tales of my past sewing misfortunes to haunt Andrew (or me ) for the rest of my natural life.

On the camping note however I will do so will with a smile on my face and my massuse's phone number on speed dial. I am currently checking into what latest camping gear offers. you have to understand in my first go around with scouts I had a 3 room tent, with an oversized queen blow up mattress that my sheets would fit. I had my pillows from home. The tent was big enough to hold 2 folding chairs with cup holders. I got rid of it years ago. My friend Joan and I would head for the nearest mall on the yearly canoe trips. I will go camping again but only with updated versions of my previous camping life. Scott and I had been married a month and almost divorced over an ill fated canoe trip. I swear the paddle could save itself as I was going under. it was every paddle for itself.

I will do it with a smile as I did the first time. I promise.