Thursday, December 02, 2010

I hate

I hate being seen as a witch (with a b). But sometimes it seems to get peoples attention, after being nice for a month, you have to pull out the big guns to get some ones attention.

I had to do that yesterday. I filed another complaint against the school district. Drew has been enrolled since November 8 in his old school district but has not attended class. Yes you read that right he has not set foot in a class room in a month. While it has been a very peaceful month it has not been too productive. I have called, written letters etc only to get lip service. Yesterday, I had had it. I woke up with a MAD on like my grandma used to say. Once again my letters and calls pleading to get his home/hosptial tutoring going nothing was happening. We were losing anohter week. So I filed the complaint. Served a copy to the district and 2 hours later I got a call. The program specialist told me she was surprised I had filed the complaint since we had been working together. UMMMM.....My son's education under their watch was watching movies and cartoons all day.... that is NOT working together. That is them not doing their job. I hit the roof. I think I have a bit of my sister in me (hi sis) that every once in a while comes to the serface. While I was not proud of my behavior it got the job done.

I charged they had been denying drew his right to a free public education, not following the IEP they wrote, discriminating against him because of his disability. Scott had a very long conference call this afternoon - he did tell the PS it was a good thing I hung up on her because I might have been arrested if I continued on my verbal tirade. We now know where Drew will be attending when we get back from vacation, and why they made the decisions they did. I am currently waiting (still) for a call concerning who will be doing his home tutoring.

That is all I wanted. Was a few explanations on what was happening and why. Not too much to ask. I am just sorry I was forced to take such drastic action to get what could have been very easy to do.