Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday AGAIN

It seems that Saturdays have gotten into a routine around here. Scott goes for an early ride in Folsom with friends, Drew and I hang out, me on the computer, and Drew watching TV and playing. Pretty content if you ask me.

I remember when I was a kid Saturday mornings were crazy. I had gymnastics, Amie had Basketball, mom had to go to the grocery store and get other errands done. We had to get the house picked up from a week of living. They were fun times looking back. Usually Amie and I had one parent to our selves for part of the day and I always enjoyed the conversation with which ever parent I was lucky enough to spend the time with. I am sure my sister felt the same way as well.

Monday is the BIG day for me. Scott is taking me to the DR. for the last of my tests (I hope) and then I will get some kind of Diagnosis (I hope) and a treatment plan. I am scared of what the doctor might say but at the same time it will be nice to know what in the HELL is going on with me.

When Phil was born I refused an epidural because I couldn't stand the thought of a needle in my back. So I opted for a C-section. Thursday I told Scott I would gladly let them give me an epidural if it would stop the pain in my legs.

Scott is sending me home for a week. I come in April 27 and spend 2 nights with my dad and Andrea. I am really looking forward to it. Dad and I get a day together and that will be fun. Then I head for Lawrence for a 3 hour coffee with Carolyn. that same day there is a mini reunion in Topeka at Huhot for anyone that wants to attend. If you want to come let me know and I will send you the info. I am spending time with Phil and Betsy as well. The main reason for this trip is May 3. That is Phil's 22 birthday. I haven't spent a birthday with him since he turned 18. We are spending the day in Lawrence. We have something very special planned and I am honored that he would want to include me. We plan to go to Seabury and see his old teachers and my old friends. We are going to stop by my old stitch group so I can see some of them and then our special adventure. My sister would be good on this mission. she has wonderful taste. Then lunch at Pachamama's if I have my way. I miss my kid. I want to spend this time with him the same way my dad wants to spend time with me. It took me a long time (I am a little thick headed sometimes) but I get it now and to spend time with two of my favorite men has me very excited to make memories with both of them.