Tuesday, November 16, 2010

may be getting somewhere with school

Today I am thankful for the new program specialist that will be working with us to place Drew in the proper place in the public school system. She took the time yesterday to meet Drew and I at his favorite park. She wanted to observe him. She did get to witness a melt down which was nice. She has some good ideas on what is best for him and I agree with her on just about everything. We have the official IEP on Friday morning where everything will be decided.

They are offering at home tutoring until after the first of the year. Then he will be starting in an ED class with increasing time over several weeks so he can adjust. I think he will be placed in the 3rd/4th ED class since he is 8 but only in second grade. that way he can be there for several years and know the routine instead of going to one school for 5 months then changing next year.

After fighting the school district for 2 years it was refreshing to meet someone who appeared to have Drew's interest at heart.

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