Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Don't have a title

How is that? Maybe it should be Random Stuff. My gall bladder is acting up again. I have been to the hospital twice in the last 2 weeks. And yet they keep saying they can't take it because there are no stones. GRRR I was to meet with a Surgeon tomorrow but it was changed to Mid September. I do see my doc soon.

I got a call from the LR teacher for Drew's new school. She is delightful and is already working to find ways to accomadate Drew's SID. She understands his need for phyiscal stimulation and hatred of noise so she is going to have his Kindergarten teacher call me to discuss what needs to be done. She has also gotten plans underway to get Drew and IEP.

My MIL left this AM. It was a wonderful visit. Drew was heartbroken when she left. He kept asking me to make her move her or come back because he misses her so very very much. They have the same type of bond that Phil and my mom had.

I am trying to get into some classes this semester but it is difficult. If you are a state resident then you get free tuition but out of state they rake you over the coals And of course illegal immigrants get in state tuition but not me. Very frustrating. They don't even have an exemption for people who move here due to transfers. Every other state I checked does. That is frustrating.

I have been having lots of fun on Facebook lately. I have found many old friends. It will be easier trying to plan a reunion having found them thru Facebook. Lots still to find.

I will be glad when we settle with the moving company. I am so sick of using Scott's computer and desk. I want my own space back. He wants me to have my own space and get out of his. I haven't had much time to design jewelry lately. I have spent so much time down because of my GB that I have been getting some knitting in. Andrea and I are talking about taking a bead making class when they come out in January. I found a glass blowing place that teaches glass bead making.

Phil started his sophomore year yesterday. Here is to hoping he sticks with a major this year.

I have booked our trips for the New Year. We are going to spend New Years Eve at 6 flags in Vallejo. I was shocked to see how many points I had so I decided to use them. Our hotel is free that night. Then we leave a few days later and will spend 2 days at a hotel close to Disneyland and go to Lego Land. Then we will have a week immersed at Disney in a Disney hotel. I am working on surprises galore for the men in my life during the trip. It is so much cheaper atDL as opposed to WDW. you don't even have to stay concierge to get the in room benefits of special deliveries. I am going to have cookies and milk delivered one night and another have mickey head rice criispie treats waiting for when we get back. It is such a magical place that I love to spread the magic to the men in my family. It makes me happy to make those memories. If you haven't been there it is hard to explain the magic of the place. I could go on and on but you can check out posts from October 2006 on our last trip. You can never go to many times. In fact we are buying annual passes so we can go more often. YIPEEEEE!!!!!! Scott even told me when they begin taking applications for Club 33 again I can apply - but I have to give up my Coach Purse obsession. That is a tough one.

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